Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunday Face

My new Bling

I saw this on another site and loved it. A spotlight on someone every Sunday, and we will call it my "Sunday Face". So this week I present Queen Flo or also known as Grandma Stiller. Love you!

Relation: My mom

Offspring: Jean, Joyce, Kay

Grew up in: Chicago

Age: 84 years young

Kay: Hi Mom, can I interview you for my blog? You are my spotlight for my new post called "Sunday Face".

Queen Flo: Ok.

Kay: What is one word that describes you?

Queen Flo: OLD!

Kay: What is your favorite possession?

Queen Flo: My faith, if that's something you can possess.

Kay: When was your first SMOOCH with dad?

Queen Flo: I don't remember, but it was the second time he came home on leaave from the Navy. The first time he came home on leave , we were getting re-acquainted.

Kay: What was your first car?

Queen Flo: The blue car we bought brand new when we lived on 6th street. Dad kept the old car and I got a new one. It was around 1955 and it was a Buick.

Kay: Do you have a life motto?

Queen Flo: Nope.

Kay: If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?

Queen Flo: I wouldn't trade places with anyone because I would have missed my wonderful husband if I were someone else.

Granddaughter Rhegan - Age 3

Rhegan said: Grwamma, let's go swing!

Kay said: Only if we can do it for an hour.

Rhegan said: Yep, we can DO that.

Kay said: What did you say your name was?

Rhegan said: Umm, Loo Loo.

Kay said: Then I'll be Nony today.

Rhegan said: Yep, we can DO that.

Grandson Clayton - Age 8

The boy can dance!
The boy can eat chocolate!
The boy can watch movies all night long!
The boy can ride Papa's motorcycle!
The boy can stomp through mud!
Yep, he's a boy. A cute boy!

Family Matters

Let's start with my favorite family portrait. Love these guys! They ROCK my world.

One Saturday Morning

SO, here it is ... my blog. Yep, a blog. MY blog. WOW! So here I am. Now what? Let's just do LIFE together, okay? Okay.