Friday, August 29, 2008

This and That

Okay - Another pic of Brandt who is not, I repeat NOT wearing a sheep. I am informed it is a Patagonia fleece, being the fashion plate that he is! Beautiful county, is it not? Beautiful son, is he not?

Okay - so Brandt tells me that the Democratic National Convention was more than meets the eye. The part that you don't see on TV -- the protesters -- who dress up like a toilet and carry signs that say "Stop Flushing the County!" I guess that's why we call this great country the land of the free.

Okay - so now it's on to the Republicans and the McCain/Palin show. His Veep choice was a stunner, no? The woman eats Mooseburgers, for heaven's sake! Now THAT shows that she can really sink her teeth into the job! I'm anxious to learn more about her.

Okay - so we are headed to the annual Beaver/Yancey reunion tomorrow with a couple of car loads. Talky talky Rhegan will be riding with us. {do ya think it's a good thing I have a new IPod? - HA} Oh, this Grandma can't wait!

Okay - so I made two really fun cards tonight, but Mr. Husband has conveniently put the camera in a safe place. I'll get it on the other blog as soon as I can -- promise!

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What is Brandt Doing Lately?

Glad you asked ... he went from DC to Aspen to DC to Miami to Denver to Aspen to San Fran to Napa Valley to DC. I'm tired just typing it! {Yes, I'm SO jealous he was in San Fran. In fact, I'm SO SO jealous.} Somewhere in the "to and from" he went mountain biking ... something he can now cross off his list of "I've always wanted to do that" things. But knowing my son as I believe I do, he will probably figure out a way to cross it off his list again and again! He loves Colorado like I love San Fran - capeesh? In fact, he's doing the "happy dance" below ... at least I think that's what it is?!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Jazzy Monday

Concerned: Joe Biden it is! Hillary Clinton it is not! Now, I'm not saying that Senator Biden can't do the job, he can. Brandt liked him a lot, working with he and Senator Lugar in the Foreign Relations Committee. My bruised Hillary-ego will heal, because being the class act that she is, she will put all her support behind Obama and the world will be sane again. Is this the year us Republicans vote blue?

Anxious: I can't wait for tonight. Although Brandt is right now in Denver on business, he is not attending the DNC but he is certainly taking it all in! I want to hear Michelle Obama, and see the girls. I like her, even if she married a man with a funny name and big ears.

Tickled: I am up to 21 songs on my IPod. Do I rock or what? Yes, I listen while I drive but so far -- no flashing red lights or sirens have done the sneek on me!

Excited: For the Labor Day weekend ahead! Shawn/Andrea and the babes are headed to the Beaver/Yancy reunion with us (God Bless 'em), and we are planning to hotel it and splash around in the pool with the grandkids. Well, not me ... but I'll conveniently pack grandpa's swimming pants and inconeniently "forget" my bathing suit! But I'll be the official picture taker, so don't get yer panties in a wad or nothing! This grandma still rocks!

Funny: After my drive to work this morning, I got out of my car and noticed a big huge wad of yellow string attached to the front bumper and dragged under my car, sitting in a heap! I tell you, it was enough string to fly a kite from here to China! I actually thought it was a mop at first, and was afraid to touch it! When's the last time you "mopped" up string ... with your car?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girls Night Out

Guess who has birthdays in August? You guessed it baby -- Eleanore and Your's Truly. {but who needs a reason to celebrate?} So off we went to Eddie's on the Water, where Your's Truly enjoyed crab cakes. We laughed the night away, acted like dweebs when we asked the waiter to take our picture {yes, it's the "skinny pose"}, and then re-filled our diet cokes and sat some more! This was one of those last little official summer activities. And we don't even have to do the traditional back-to-school fashion show this Fall. Ahh - empty nester benefit #197.

Speaking of school - Florida boy taught ONE full day of classes and then they closed school for the rest of the week to make way for Hurricane Fay! What a memorable first teaching experience?! Can't you just hear him .... "I looove this job!" Well, he WILL have to contend with being behind on his lesson plans but that's like a flea in an elephant's patootie. So -- be safe and enjoy some R&R, Mr. Teacher!

Speaking of Obama - on a day and night of political suspense, who will be his Vice Presidential pick? I can hardly stand it. The chances are slim to none that former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton would have a shot, but I believe it would unite a nation. That is ... unless Bill & Hillary get "inside" just to "throw" the election to strengthen her 2012 campaign. Deviant mind that I am!

Go wear flip-flops -- you only have a limited time remaining until the wonderful, beautiful, crisp days of Fall are upon us.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Rosalie

Look who just turned TWO YEARS OLD! Rosalie is having fun at the beach {beach bummies}. Did she eat sand like candy and drink water like 7-Up? Did she take a nap to recharge her batteries for more running and jumping? I hear that Elmo is high on Rosalie's favorite list of people these days .... and she is into reading books, sticking stickers, and coloring pictures. {Hmmm - sounds just like Joyce & me, well not the Elmo part, but everything else! HA} Happy 2nd Birthday Rosalie! I hope you go bananas over your birthday presents. Maybe you can tie balloons to your pretty pig tails and zoom zoom around! You Go Girl!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goodbye Janet

At the early age of 63, Janet passed away today at noon, and her family was with her as she moved from this world to the next. {Janet is on the left; Debbie is on the right} A little over a year ago, Janet learned of her cancer and she said "My life just got shorter." And it did. I know that for Debbie, it has taken a long time to say goodbye to her only sister, as she tended to and cared for her these past months. How lucky is she to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!

I love Debbie like a sister, I had that in common with Janet. God made our lives cross for so many reasons, and I don't question that this is yet another. Our hearts have an invisible, unbreakable bond of friendship. May He who comforts hearts speak to both of ours.

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or a lifetime, is certain for those who know Jesus.

Look Who's Growing up

I had a super day -- it couldn't have been any better. I felt the most "normal" of all my days in the last few months! Grandma Kay enjoyed a fun afternoon with the babes. OMG - look how BIG Parker is getting, I hardly recognized him! {he still has no hair} He crawls EVERYwhere and pulls up on EVERYthing and watches EVERYone! Clayton still has good things to say about "back to school" {it's only been a week so let's give it some time}. We have been so busy lately that I had not seen Rhegan at all to give her her birthday presents - what kind of a grandma is that?! SO - a month after her real birthday I took her Tinkerbell Jewelry Box and Princess Picture Frame to her. She loved them both, and especially liked the music on her Tinkerbell jewelry box that made her dance like a princess in a ballroom!

After visiting at the house, Princess Rhegan and I went to visit Debbie. I think it brightened her day! When I told Rhegan that Debbie's sister was very sick and we should pray for her, she said "Well I need to know her name!" Imagine God's smile when he hears the precious prayers of Rhegan as she prays for Janet and Debbie. It was indeed a wonderful day!

If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My "other" blog ...

Drum roll please ... I did it! You will be happy to know that my creative life now has no danger of crashing with my family & friends blog! {Gee, Kay, really? I wouldna' thought that of ya! "snicker"} Andrea-kins kindly pointed me in that direction many months ago, kudo's to you my daughter. My splendiferous new creative blog is open for business -- visit me at:

Okay, I don't know if you're having the same love affair with craft blogs as I am, but man, I wish there were more hours in a day to develop even more of the ideas I have floating around in my head! SO -- I've leaving on a jet-plan {sing-song voice} with my crafty stuff from here ... to there.

Mercy mercy mercy mercy mercy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sleek & Slim

Color me PINK with excitement! Happy Birthday to me! Kevin surprised me with this new sleek & slim PINK IPod! (just like me - sleek & slim) Ooooh, I'm in love! (with Kevin AND the new sleek & slim PINK IPod!) This is going to be waaay too much fun for me! I could either:

(a) Stay up all night and download tunes and pictures, or
(b) Download tunes and pictures all day at work tomorrow, or
(c) All of the above!

Enjoyed dinner this evening at Smokey Bones with hubby, mom, and Jane - had lots of sweet cornbread and honey butter (good for my sleek & slim figure). Rhegan called me to wish her Gramwa a Happy Birthday, and it went something like this:

Kay: Hello, this is a 51 year old!
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} You're not 51 silly, it's your birthday!
Kay: It's my birthday?! Really?!
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} Yes, it's yours not mine!
Kay: Let's keep it a secret okay?
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} Yep, it's a secret! I'll call you back and see if it's your birthday and you can say "no"!
Kay: Who turned your silly button on?
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} My dad.
Kay: Tell him to turn it off!
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} I have to leave it on.
Kay: How many buttons do you have?
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} 10
Kay: Does one of those buttons make you sleep?
Rhegan: {silence} Yes.
Kay: Show me that button!
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter}

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome Home To Me

Home Sweet Home. Nuff said.

Keaton's Move. All done. Furniture is in place, food in the pantry, power is on, cable TV is a go, and bug spray under the kitchen sink! Now Florida Boy will go about making his own Home Sweet Home! Those who say You Can't Take it With You, never saw our packed car and trailer.

Mid-Week Prayer Service. The last family thing we did together with Florida Boy was attend Wednesday night church service at his new church/school. {Us, and about 1000 people.} What a neat church! Keaton will make many new friends. It makes this mom and dad feel good about leaving their son 1000 miles away.

New Trailer. Bought and paid for while on our trip, after the old one gave us an extra day on the road while Kevin fixed the wheel bearings in 100 degrees. I thought it was on fire and called 911. {Yes, I do realize that might sound a bit excessive. Yes, I do realize that I called 911 another time when my Christmas turkey caught fire in my oven. We're working on that...}

Beach Time. We enjoyed a few fabulous days in Saint Augustine after we left Keaton. Saw the Fountain of Youth -- it's my new mojo, I'm feeling younger now. One night, we climbed up on a lifeguard chair on the beach and listened to the magnificent ocean waves. Ahh, peace.

Vacation was good. I have a new attitude now. It might even last an entire week! But wait - laughter is an instant vacation!

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today's world it has become a necessity. ~Author Unknown