Friday, April 11, 2008

Look Who Came to Visit

The pretty pink girls came all the way from Georgia to visit (they brought Grandpa with them too, of course!) You are looking at three generations of pretty pink -- my sister Joyce, her daughter Laura, and her granddaughter, Rosalie. Rosalie is a DOLL - with curls just like her mommy! Elmo is "in" and so is eating macaroni & cheese with your fingers! All you have to do is say "Hello Pretty Girl" and you get smiles by the dozen. Carrying on a conversation with Rosalie was kinda one-sided, but I did hear "YUM YUM" after every bite of ice cream! We met the family for dinner this evening and she was such a good girl at the restaurant. In 4 more months, she will turn TWO YEARS OLD! Maybe then the terrible two's will hit? Naah, this kid rocks! Her bouncy curls and flashy smile will get her through the terrible two's - three's - four's and so on! Thanks for coming to visit, we're really glad you did!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Craft Talk

Some of you have asked me about my latest craft craze - copic markers. If you have not tried them - beware of addiction. These are fast-drying artist quality markers that come in 322 colors! I have 10 markers - enough to have way too much fun - yes way! If you stamp or scrap, they will be a fun addition to your craft. Some websites that I spend way too much time on - and offer tutorials, instruction, and purchase of fun stuff:

Wanna know sumpin' tricksy? I just close my eyes and pick a copic marker and color something. That gets my motor running, then I start shading in with additional colors and then I use my "O" colorless blender to make it all come together. Finally, I use my favorite copic marker "W1 - Warm Gray" to give it a shadow. And, as I like to say, "BAM - before you can say "Bob's Yer Uncle" you got yershelf an arteest quality lookum gooder thing! Whaddya waiting for? Just do it.


I've been trying to feel better. One day I'm great, next day I'm half great, next day I'm down for the count. I think it's part of the "three strikes and you're out" rule. Who invented that rule anyways?

Three Things About Thursday:
1. My sister, Jean, had hip surgery - not a replacement, but a hip repair.
2. A few hours after surgery we talked by phone: Me: "Hi Jean, this is your younger sister, Kay". Response: "I thought I was the younger sister!" She's gonna be just fine.
3. She has a sign-up sheet for "Hip-Helpers" if you wanna be HIP!

Three Things About Friday:
1. My sister, Joyce, had a special birthday - she is now 60 years young.
2. Her family is throwing her a 30 + 3o party tomorrow evening and I'm sure there will be NO margaritas and chips at that party!
3. She opened my present to her - a personalized return address stamp that you can order online here. Love the matching stationery options too!

Three More Things About Friday:
1. My husband, Kevin, enjoyed an early birthday celebration with the Wilsons & Bryants.
2. We had a 30 + 28 party, or as Kevin likes to say, a 29 x 2 party!
3. First-dinner at the Mongolian Grill. Second-off to the movies to see "Leatherheads".

Three Things About Saturday:
1. Went to Hobby Lobby to pick up another Copic Marker (25% off this week). Accidentally forgot my checkbook/coupon holder at the Hobby Lobby. Made a second trip to Hobby Lobby a few hours later to make the retrieval.
2. Kevin & I enjoyed lunch with Mom at the Cracker Barrel. Keaton a/k/a Florida Boy who was on his way to enjoy a day at the beach said "Oh man - you're at Cracker Barrel?! I'm SO jealous." Let me see: Beach vs. Cracker Barrel. Hmmm.
3. Did I mention that I love my husband?

Three Things About Sunday:
1. Slept 12 hours without extra meds! Kevin made a drug-store run for more Mucinex - should have bought stock in the stuff.
2. Need to pack my overnight bag for my "Hip Helper" trip to Jean's tomorrow!
3. Looked at my Stampin Up catalog for the 56th time, decided on a cute Kitty Set and the photo corner punch.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Great Big "S" on my Forehead - SICKO

My sister-in-law, Connie, recently had a motherboard failure. Carol Brunette always said failure was written on her forehead - FAYLUR. I digress. Sorry about your motherboard, Connie. What a funny name - wonder why they don't call it a fatherboard or sisterboard or brotherboard. I think it should be a personal choice.

Anyway, I am currently taking my turn at being a sicko with coughy, sneezy, wheezy stuff. Got real drugs from the doc today, now fighting nausea from the antibiotics, can't win. But I did clean up my craft area so that counts for being off sick and getting something done. Am also reading a good book I would recommend - The Glass Castle. I recently finished a book called Three Cups of Tea. Both books are true stories, interesting, and must-reads! So -- I am blowing through my book today while home being coughy sneezy wheezy. Oh my heck, I kept my nose out of a kleenex for a minute or two, this is progress.

Here's to a better tomorrow!