Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yes Virginia, there really is a Beach

Lynn & I graciously agreed to shop our way to DC/Virginia Beach so the guys could ride their Harleys, arn't we the bomb? We googled "local scrapbook stores" and away we went! I only ran out of gas once, on the uphill climb of a mountain in West Virginia, and oh, did I mention the trucker who stopped to help? And then the state trooper who stopped to help? And then the DOT guy who helped? After that, we were pretty good to go except for the stop sign I blew through as we exited the highway. God-speed, that's what we had. My macho Harley man explains it this way: "My dear wife, Kay, is a good Godly woman, who prayed that God would allow her to go 600 miles on a tank of gas instead of 300." That's faith, baby.

It was good to hang with the Brandt-ster and Sara B. Did you know that a person is actually capable of holding their breath on the drive through the entire 11-mile under-water tunnel into and out of VA Beach? I think it has something to do with eating fresh seafood, like as in OMG good seafood. VA Beach is pretty fab, by the way. Everyone rents a Schwinn and bikes up and down the boardwalk, ringing their birdie bike bell on their handle-bars, carrying cute doggies in their bike baskets, or riding tandem bikes and 4-people canopy bikes. Get the picture? It's called v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n and I LOVED it!

A stop in Williamsburg means Salmon Salad and Blueberry Pie (to die for). But I think it also means a step back in time - life in the 18th century, where the word of the day was calamanco, a checkered woolen fabric often used for women's shoes. I'm really gonna need to go back there for another word of the day. Or maybe the Blueberry Pie.

Ocean - ahhh - the big beautiful ocean, the sound of lapping waves. Sand between my toes. {Roll with me here, I'm re-living it, okay?} Wouldn't you drive up mountains and blow through stop signs for some serious beach time?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Golden Heart Award

I received this sweet Golden Heart Award from my dear friend Mary at Pile of Smiles. This lady is the real deal, the whole enchilada, the butter on my ear of corn, and the middle of my oreo. I don't ever have to wonder if she's out there - she is always out there with a word of encouragement, a prayer, or a laugh. Do you remember a special friend from childhood? Well, Mary was one of my first blog buddies s0 I'm claiming her as a childhood friend .... for life! Thank you Miss Pile of Smiles! In order for me to receive this award, I must nominate five others. Don't ya love it? Here are a few "Golden Hearts" that I know:

1. First up - Jana at Dear Life. A creative sort, like me, only 89% better and more cooler and younger and hipper. And she loves photography. And she loves Jesus.

2. Second, Doug at Fletcher Place. He was our pastor 100 years ago at the church we met and married at. Then we moved and then he and Judy moved, and then they moved back to where we are, and then they moved to Fletcher Place, and no, we don't have any plans of moving. God has called them to inner-city ministry in downtown Indianapolis, and they are starting a coffee house ministry!

3. Next up - Teresa at Enjoy the Va.Sunshine. What can I say? She's my twin! Papercrafts. Loves Jesus. Husband has a Harley.

4. Fourth, Becky at Hemidemisemiquaver Design. Professional singer, published paper crafter, loves bible studies, mother/wife, she is one of the busiest people on the planet ... but she always takes time to bless others. I love ya Beck!

5. Finally, the Geswein Family Blog. A family involved in missions, living in China. Amazing story, amazing life, amazing testimony.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Reflections-Andrea

I remember giving "this sign" for this picture with Andrea. And I remember thinking how much "this sign" meant - how much I love my daughter Andrea. I can't imagine not being her mom.

I remember us giving the "skinny pose" at Keaton's graduation as only a mother-daughter can do! A daughter is the best thing. And a grown daughter who is now a mother herself is really the best thing! We could talk forever! My great-grandfather used to say to his wife, my great-grandmother, who in turn told her daughter, my grandmother, who repeated it to her daughter, my mother, who used to remind her daughter, me, that to talk well and eloquently was a very great art, but that an equally great one was to know the right moment to stop. My daughter is a day-brightener. I believe that mothers and daughters are the only race of people who speak the same tongue. Enough said, I think.

Mother's Day Reflections-Keaton

I remember the day this picture was taken, at Keaton's college graduation. I remember when Keaton came home one day and said "Hey Mom, can I go to college in Florida?" And I remember saying "Pffft, no!" And then I remember us leaving him at college in Florida, with alligators.

I remember this post entitled God Has Big Plans for This Man's Life, this man who is my son Keaton. This man who is My Spleenless Son. I remember when Keaton sent me shopping for a zipper so we could take this picture after his surgery, Honk If You Have All Your Body Parts. And I remember thinking how blessed I was to be this man's mom. And today, I hope he knows how much his life has changed the dynamic of our entire family. He's all mine, you can't have him!

Mother's Day Reflections-Brandt

I remember this day in DC with my son, Brandt. I remember that he had hair (well, he still does, but not as much!). I remember my fake Gucci purse from the DC street vendor. I remember thinking how neat it was for him to live in our nation's capital -- but so far away from us.

And I remember when he did this! And I remember thinking, that is SO Brandt! And I remember thinking how wonderful it is to be his mom. And 5 years later, it's more wonderful than I could ever have imagined.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rhegan the Soccer Star

Grandma remembered her camera! My heart belongs to Number 3 in the green! We got through the soccer game with no major injuries, no tears, no nothin! Just a couple of great kicks and a LOT of goals for the green! Is my little Rhegan going to be a soccer star? You betcha! (or something like that)

Friday, May 1, 2009

I ...

don't like That Flu (not sayin' the name because ... well, it's just gross). Three schools around here are closed. Students are quite happy. I think it's disturbing. Frustrating, to say the least. The mood of the nation is definitely affected when people are scared.

know today is May Day. Some things I want to accomplish in May include several craft projects for birthdays and holidays; a cook-out for a neighbor who is moving; long walks as the weather gets better (now that's being optimistic, but the rain Gods just HAVE to be getting tired soon); switch out my winter/summer closet; get a tan and lose 20 pounds (now that too is being optimistic, but I'm just sayin ...).

need to renew my Driver's License this year: Note to self, prepare for a good picture. Do whatever it takes, even if it leaves me unable to stand upright or reach for a bag of Cheetos.

want to assign certain ring tones on my cell phone: I've been thinking about it for awhile (yes, it occupies space in my mind). For Kevin's calls -- Celine Dion, I'm your woman and you are my maaan. For calls from Brandt/Keaton -- That's Allright Mamma. Calls from Andrea -- Princess Leia's Theme.

have no photo's for this blog entry. But if I had been a grandma who rocks, I would have had my camera at Rhegan's soccer game the other day! You remember don't ya, it was that soccer game where she picked dandylions a lot more than she kicked the soccer ball? This is the same game where Rhegan came to sit next to me during a break, and asked for a piece of gum. Yes, I said! I'll give it to you right after the game is over. But she informed me that now would be better. "No, that's against the Soccer Rules, it's against Rule #24!" The biggest blue eyes looked at me in wonderment and said "How did you KNOW that?!"

finished my bible study and Joyce Meyer's book, Battlefield of the Mind. It was s splendid few months of study, growing, sharing, and making new friends. Even one of the older ladies said that she has been coming to the bible studies for years, and this was the best one ever!

am going to lead the next bible study entitled "Summer Scripture Challenge" and I will incorporate scrapbooking into memorizing bible verses. Prayers welcome!

am SO over this rain. I would sweep the porch or something, but ... why? Besides, when I finished I would collapse in a heap on the couch and in the words of Fred Sanford say "This is the big one."

miss my sons. Very very much. Kevin and I have decided to make the annual jaunt to DC for Memorial Day Weekend, so we will bombard Brandt with our friends and Harleys. Keaton has decided to start work on his Masters, in between tutoring and coaching soccer this summer.

have been wondering why Pier One won't send me a new dishtowel after I filled out their stinkin' form online? I mean, is it some kind of hooey that just because I'm a 50ish mom and totally uncool in their eyes?

am not afraid of any kind of That Flu (not sayin' the name because, well, it's just gross). If anything is going to kill me in the next thirty days, my money is on the Obama administration and not some lame pig virus. I'm just sayin ....

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.