Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Reflections

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It's been an amazing holiday ... a whirlwind of fun, peace, love and excitement (well, not that much peace really)! I've got plenty to write about, but here's a little photo review. Christmas, itself, was wonderful! For the first time ever, we slept till almost 10am, unbelievable! We should have packed all mom's presents into her new deep freezer, it was like the look on her face said "OH MY HECK!! I've wanted one of these for my WHOLE life!!" Christmas morning was a bit emotional for me ... it's the first year Brandt was not home on Christmas Day. Inevitable, but hard nevertheless. {Note to self: kids grow up}

Christmas Central Odds and Ends: Connie/Pat made it, but their luggage did not. Eleanor saved the day with drugs. Harold/Viv made it a day early. Jane joined the fun! Bean soup and cornbread soothed all souls. Brandt's first flight was cancelled, but he made it later that day. We did a zillion games & puzzles! The girls helped mom celebrate her 85th B-Day at the Skyline Club - the view consisted of fog but the food was great! Andrea & company made it home after several "get sick" stops along the way. Rhegan, wrapped in a blanket, came inside grinning like it was fun to be half naked in the winter! We threw all the "sicky' clothes into the washer and all was well ... until we figured out the heating element in the dryer went out! Christmas steak dinner with the Stewarts turned into Mexican Night! The Colts game was changed from 1pm to 8pm. Kevin/Brandt decided to use the extra time to go dryer shopping. They decided on a spiffy new washer-dryer pair! Father and sons installed & washed clothes before the Colts game. Colts lost to the Titans, but we screamed and did the crowd wave and tried to get on TV anyway! Keaton's favorite player - Anthony Gonzalez - didn't play (we choose to believe they are saving him for the playoffs).

A few numbers to remember the past 11 days:

  • a gazillion doorbell rings with friends & family in/out
  • an inch or two of fresh snow
  • fifteen degrees outside
  • twelve dishwasher loads run
  • fourteen loads of laundry in old & new washer-dryer
  • one overstuffed trash can on trash day and more trash waiting in garage
  • one thousand piece puzzle on board moved to/from/to/from dining room table
  • two batches of baked french toast with twelve eggs, twelve sausage/cheese muffins
  • fifty times we looked for Jane's red hat/gloves
  • twelve pounds of cheesecake, chocolate fudge, cookies and m&m's
  • one turkey, one ham, two batches of homemade rolls, two green bean cassaroles, one loaf of bread dressing, ten pounds of mashed potatoes, a dozen deviled eggs, four pounds of sloppy joe, one pan of chicken enchiladas, two pounds of beef taco filling, two pounds of chicken taco filling, two pumpkin nutrolls, several fried baloney sandwiches and grilled cheese, and a partridge in a pear tree
  • more hugs and thank you's and love you's than I can count!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Children's Museum Rocks!

(Visit to Children's Museum on Saturday, December 22, 2007)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let the Revolving Door Revolve

I am excited about having 11 days off work. There are two Christmas presents upstairs. They are still sleeping but will soon be up for French Toast & Cheese Muffins! We enjoyed a fun dinner at Belle Vita last night with these two Christmas presents. Then the two Christmas presents came home and worked a puzzle and we made Christmas cookies. Keaton & Erin are SO much fun and we are SO glad they are home! Erin is delightful! She is originally from Canada and she loves chocolate. She can be cranky when she is hungry. She values family and enjoys life! (Note to DC Erin: You will enjoy meeting KY Erin-originally from Canada. It will be a kodack moment!)

Kevin is already out picking up two more little Christmas presents, and he'll be home with Clayton & Rhegan soon! We have a fun day planned at the Childrens Museum with ALL our Christmas present people. Did I mention I am excited about having 11 days off work?

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Festive 'Round Here!

The Disney Boy is home - yay! HE is Santa's Elf because HE put the Christmas Tree up and decorated the whole house and HE is awesome! (Will HE come back in January/February and put it all away or will the house remain festive until next Christmas?) Thanks Keaton, love your guts!

Do you remember a favorite gift? I would have to say that my most favorite gift ever as an adult was the diamond ring that Kevin gave me many years ago. I've worn it every day since and love it. It means the world to me! As a child, my most favorite gift was a play kitchen and a chalkboard easel. On Christmas morning, I remember looking in the living room and seeing everything set up. I couldn't have been happier. I'll never forget that Christmas morning... among my annual new package of "day of the week" underwear (always a popular gift)!

You know, if we could find a retro silver aluminum christmas tree and a colored wheel to shine reds, blues, greens, and yellows on the tree -- I might actually do the decorating! It would be just like when I was a kid -- only mom & dad did the decorating then.

I'm SO looking forward to church this weekend and on Christmas Eve! It puts all of Christmas into perspective. And the people said - AMEN!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

How many days is it before Christmas? It depends. Well, you can't count today because it's already here, and you can't count Christmas day because that's the day, and you can't count Christmas Eve because that's the day before. So ... technically it's just 7 days before Christmas!

7 Things I did Yesterday:
  1. Talked on the phone half the day, while cooking
  2. Watched Kevin shovel snow with the bobcat
  3. Hosted our annual family gathering for "Santa Nite"
  4. 3 loads of laundry
  5. Changed my grandson's diaper
  6. Played Balderdash with family, and lost
  7. Rhegan & I watched Santa come/go ... from the front porch
6 Things I Need to do Today:
  1. Write Christmas cards and prepare for mailing
  2. Pray for Keaton's safe travel home in the blizzard
  3. Upload photos and organize online
  4. Tell Kevin that I love him
  5. Go to Andrea's church for kids Christmas play
  6. Wrap christmas gifts
5 Things I am Thankful for:
  1. Amazing friends, like Eleanore who surprised me with a Colts wrist watch (which guarantees them into the finals)
  2. My friendship and love for my daughter, Andrea
  3. The safe return of Nosey the Neighbor from a year away
  4. That Kevin is so kind, generous, & caring to family and friends
  5. That the Walden/Stewart cousins got to spend a fun fun fun evening together
4 "fires" left before Company Starts Arriving:
  1. A few scrapbook christmas projects
  2. Year-end details at the law firm, and a discovery deadline this week
  3. Think through & prepare for CTI payroll for my time off during Christmas
  4. Prepare my guest bedrooms
3 Things I'm most Excited about right now:
  1. Keaton & Brandt coming home
  2. Church on Christmas Eve
  3. The Squires Family Gathering
2 Things I'm Stressing over right now:
  1. Keeping things simple so my health issues stay in check
  2. Will my Ebay order really get here in time?!?
1 Thing that I know for sure:
  1. No matter how many fires, how much or little I worry or stress or fret, Christmas will come and it will be wonderful regardless because we are all together and when it comes right down to it, that's all that really matters.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello Hello Hello

Hi. My name is Kay Busy. I remember Turkey Day, but then I went into a tail spin and oops, it's almost Christmas! So - let's put up a tree and get into the Christmas spirit. I like this tree. It will be "my" tree this year because "my" other tree is still in the attic.
Happy Holiday Season!