Saturday, August 21, 2010

SHOP-shewana 2010

About this time last year, our Shipshewana motorcycle trip turned into a SHOP-shewana trip when we ordered an Amish made kitchen table and chairs (see this post). So it only seems right and fitting that this year we should make a return trip for the matching kitchen bar stools! I smell adventure! It took 3 motorcycles and one 4-wheel vehicle to pick up 3 stools. Gas Hogs, Wild Hogs, whatever we are - we're good at it. Here's to the open road!Rain spit, sometimes poured, but that's what rain gear, backward ball caps, and goggles are for! Rick and Karen are so stinkin' stylish! Isn't it a-stinkin-dorable that their rain gear matches their bike colors? I would notice that kind of thing.
Next, we have Kevin going down the open road. I believe that Kevin believes that I can read sign language while driving a car and taking a picture, but let me assure you that I do not do it very well. I dearly love the guy for trying to communicate though! I love ya too baby!

Ron & Connie doing a little "food" shopping! Get a load of those store shelves! They contain the most mouth watering goods lined on those shelves inside this little Amish store. Kevin & Rick are eye-ing the pie case! The lemon pie had about a jillion mounds of meringue piled high - and there is just the slightest exaggeration in that statement. No calories in there! :) I'm already feeling guilty for just thinking (not doing), just thinking about buying one of these pie beauties to enter in next Sunday's church pie bake-off contest! I did not. I only thought it. This is what the men do when the women do what women do best ... shop! Oh, and you are probably wondering how - why - and when did Kevin come up with that neon bright colored construction vest?! Well, ... join the club ... we are wondering too! He said it was so we could find him when we went from shop to shop! Men have a funny way of shopping with us women-folk, it's so amusing!
Shop-shewana couple of the year 2010! This year's Shop-shewana gang -- Kevin/Kay, Ron/Connie, Rick/Karen. More aptly named The Wild Outlook Hogs (named after The Wild Hogs movie, combined with the name of our church, Outlook). I'm sure the new movie will be out soon. We're just wild about Jesus and each other! Time to stop and consult the map -- who said anything about directions anyway?
Wild Outlook Hog member Ron.Wild Outlook Hog Members Rick & Karen.

Wild Outlook Hog Member Kevin. Card-playing was part of the SHOP-shewana experience ... and we learned to play Hand And Foot, which should likely be renamed Think And Think Some More but our brains did good work and the women were victorious!
Ron was the spokesmen for the men's feelings about being beat by the women. We women were not bothered by it. It's a wonderful thing to smell adventure! I'll post pics of our new kitchen bar stools soon. I mean, after all they were the reason for the season. Lord have mercy -- I came home so happy after this little SHOP-shewana trip! Taste every ounce of friendship. Taste every ounce of life. Because it is most definitely a gift! Thank you Lord for a community of friends where we can be serious and silly and maybe all on the same day!