Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road Tripping & 30 Years!

1. Road trip this weekend to Circleville, Ohio for our niece's college graduation. Lots of rain in the forecast, but I've learned that the best thing to do when it rains is let it rain. Jane will be along with us ... God love her Alzheimer's soul! Will be fun to celebrate with Lynnea on her graduation, and see the big (?) town of Circleville.

2. Road trip next weekend to Greenville, SC for our nephew's wedding. I've got a new hair cut going on, and a basic black dress with pearls all set for the bash! Lark & Tracy are the bomb - a perfect match. I want to thank them in advance for getting married and giving us a reason to get away. Kevin & I are going to drive our little selves into the sunset and laugh our way to and from!

30 Years!

1. Last weekend was our 30th wedding anniversary. Oh my heck, where has the time gone! 30 years sounds like a long time, but it doesn't feel like it unless I actually take the time to figure out how old I am in relation to how old the kids are!

2. I don't know how we got this old, but I do know that I'm keeping Kevin. On Sunday after church service, we set off to eat lunch out with the church gang as usual, but when I arrived Kevin had about 30 of our closest friends & family there to surprise and celebrate with us!

3. How did he pull that off?

4. Better yet, let's think back 30 years ago and wonder how did he lose his checkbook on the day of our wedding?!

5. I don't care what you say, I'm still keeping him!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Five Things

I have not done a list in a long time, so today's the day!

Five Things I did today:
*Shopped at Steinmart with my sister, Joyce. Bought a summer purse. Color is "bartender beige"! Who thunk that one up?! It's kinda pink and kinda peach. It's definitely cute.
*Laundry - lots of it. Kevin says thank you!
*Visited with Dan/Laura/Rosalie at Rosegate, and enjoyed Rosalie's beautiful 3 year old head full of bouncy blond curls.
*Rode the Harley with the Hubby
*Texted with the Keatster, who is in a wedding this weekend in the Jersey area. Wondering if he will learn to talk like a Jersey boy?

Five Things I am Excited About:
*Neice's college graduation - roadtrip trip to Ohio.
*Nephew's wedding - roadtrip to Greenville, SC.
*Our 30th wedding anniversary!!
*Working out our summer bible study plans
*Spring!!! Minus the allergies.

Five Things I Read today:
*Book entitled "So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore?"
*Menards online windows & blind treatments
*Turning Points devotional magazine
*Q-doba Menu
*Super nice handmade card I received from Lori

Five Things That Made Me Happy in the last Five Days:
*Visiting with dear friends, Debbie and Debbie (yes, I meant to say two Debbies, it is not a typo! LOL)
*New revelations about the love of God - His mercies are new EVERY morning!
*8 hours sleep, 2 nights in a row
*An email I received from pastors at church