Friday, May 23, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

My Guy - I know this may sound silly because I go on about him all the time, but I fall in love with him again every now and then. Seriously. It happened recently and I am going to propose to him next week.

My Nails - How fun is it to have manicured nails and pedicured (is that a word) feet?! Especially pedicured feet with cute flowers on big toes!

Flip-Flops - in different colors! My latest craze is switchflops - such an innovative idea! My sister turned me on to them and they are hot hot hot! You can get them here.

A Thousand Splendid Suns - best book I've read in awhile! Hard to imagine life in Afghanistan, and the unlikely friendship of two women brought together by the chaos of the war. Read it.

Dancing With the Stars - It's with mixed emotions that the season comes to an end. I love the show! Love the entertainment factor. But I'm kinda glad it's over because I can't imagine living with that kind of pressure from week to week.

Regina Specktor - enough said. Happy songs.

My jeans - which are not so tight lately! Been eating better, it's paying off.

Post-It Notes - best invention for the human race! I always carry my brain on a post-it note in my purse.

My Copic Markers - seriously. I know you know I love them. They just come in darn handy for almost all my crafting projects. Right now, I'm making 30 red-hat party favors for my neighbors annual back yard get-together.

My Work Schedule - I am a better me because of it. I don't do mornings, is putting it politely.


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