Thursday, June 5, 2008

Walkin' On Sunshine

So jazzed about the sunshine today! Finally - a day without thunder, lightening, and sheets of rain! Yesterday, a gigantific flying saucer cloud hovered over Kevin's office and no, I am not making this up!

Stamp Club was last night - made 3 fun cards and learned to use the SU Classy Brass Emboss and Paper Piercing Template. Hey Mikey! I likely! The girls in club are going to start getting together monthly to work on projects and do make-n-takes. My head just S-P-I-N-S with make-n-take ideas! I mean, what a tragedy if a girl doesn't discover Copic Markers?! Coloring is so therapeutic - Kindergarten for grown-ups, I guess! "Chuckle"

It finally happened. I had to order a new hard drive for Kevin's office computer. Can anyone spell computer v-i-r-u-s? OH MYLANTA! As if it wasn't already a concern to have a 5 year old slow processor! Give me a week and I'll tell you if we survived the change-over.

Forever Stamps - why didn't anyone think of those before? Maybe they should make "forever gas" and we could prepay at the pump now?!

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