Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas 2009

It's THE day! Christmas Adam has past. Christmas Eve has past. And it's THE day! There is no white snow, only wet dreary rain that has absolutely no bearing on the joy of this day. Today is Jesus' birthday, and we are going to celebrate in style!

Thoughtful Christmas presents, wrappings all around, O'Malley jumping through it - tugging at the ribbon strings. Then it was Christmas omlets, al-la-chef Brandt, while Kevin's taxi went to collect Mom & Jane. Brandt took charge of cooking potatos while Math Teacher Extraordinaire' Keaton cleaned up the messes ... all that was left for me to do was take a shower! Ohhh the joys of adult children! LOL

Dinner is done and everyone is like an overstuffed pillow. Time to relax, reflect, and remember why we celebrate this day. I could not make it through the singing of Silent Night during Christmas Eve worship service last night ... it was one of my dad's favorite songs (as if the wonderment of Christ's birth isn't enough!). When I was growing up, my family always went to Christmas Eve service and dad always made sure me and my lighted candle were doing well together as we sang Silent Night in the flickering light. It's a precious memory to me.

What's a precious Christmas memory of yours?

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