Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Precious Precious Holidays

Well – I am on Christmas Holiday for 2 full weeks (starting today!) and I’m looking forward to enjoying time with family & friends! We’ve already had our annual luminary in our neighborhood --- the night when we host a get-together for my extended family and Santa comes around in a sleigh with gifts for the little ones. My dysfunctional bunch runs amuck throughout the house, while the snow falls, and there is food and fellowship in abundance! Last weekend, we also had the pleasure of attending my granddaughter’s Christmas program at church and she was the most magnificent 5 year old in the bunch (did I mention she’s my favorite (only) granddaughter?!? LOL)! Rhegan did her part in the play and sang her songs to Jesus, with the gusto of a hurricane and made Grammy and Papaw smile!

Our boys are beginning to arrive ---- Keaton flew in yesterday from Florida. I SO love that boy! He & I are somewhat kindred spirits, we’ve been through much together, and his wit & humor make every minute of everyday a picnic! He is getting his weather wish – coming from warm, sunny Florida, he always wants us to have snow so he can get a taste of winter! And God delivered on that one! We have a light covering on the ground right now, and a winter storm is predicted within the coming days. Keaton may not be so enthralled with the glistening white wet stuff when he drives 2 hours south, later today, to pick up his brother! LOL

Brandt is traveling from DC. He is riding with a buddy to Louisville and Keaton will pick him up. Then Brandt will be home for 5 days, staying through Sunday so the four of us can go to the Colts game, and then he will fly back to DC on Monday morning. We LOVE our Colts! We go giddy, along with the rest of the 40,000 fans when we are at the stadium! GO BLUE!

We will all attend church on Christmas Eve and then some friends are coming over to join our family for an evening meal. Then on Christmas day, my mom and Aunt Jane will join us for dinner. (A family can NEVER have too many Christmas meals!) LOL On the day after Christmas, we will meet up again with my daughter, son-in-law, and the grandkids. I'm praying that Child Protective Services will not apprehend my grandchildren before that day .... did I mention 2 out of 3 of them have had "mishaps" with "N"th degree burns lately? Ouch. (It's okay Andrea ... you are still the world's greatest momma, and this too shall pass!)

I’m hoping to have some craft time the week after Christmas. Lately, I’ve been smitten with a mixture of shabby chic and vintage designs! My creative streak longs to dip lace in tea, and wrap beautiful fibers around creamy white cards full of glitter and bling! I did get a chance to make some Christmas card/gift sets lately – and if you’ve seen my other blog, you saw the mini notebook journals that I whipped up for the Women’s Christmas Tea. SO very fun to do!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! May God’s favor shine especially warm and tender in your family this holiday. May His mercy be served up to you fresh and new each morning, in just the exact amount needed for that day, and again the next day and the next in just the right measurement. All this – because Jesus the Messiah was born. Born to save us.

Grace! It's my "word" this past year. What's your word for 2010 going to be?


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Kay I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I have so enjoyed reading your blog this year. You are such an awesome young lady.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Thank you my friend.. I just read your post and you have made me cry. I deleted it because I thought I shouldn't be having what I wrote on the internet. You are so sweet. Thank you for all of your encouragement on my blog throughout this year. I have so enjoyed your blog. You are so very special.1