Saturday, April 17, 2010

Five Things

I have not done a list in a long time, so today's the day!

Five Things I did today:
*Shopped at Steinmart with my sister, Joyce. Bought a summer purse. Color is "bartender beige"! Who thunk that one up?! It's kinda pink and kinda peach. It's definitely cute.
*Laundry - lots of it. Kevin says thank you!
*Visited with Dan/Laura/Rosalie at Rosegate, and enjoyed Rosalie's beautiful 3 year old head full of bouncy blond curls.
*Rode the Harley with the Hubby
*Texted with the Keatster, who is in a wedding this weekend in the Jersey area. Wondering if he will learn to talk like a Jersey boy?

Five Things I am Excited About:
*Neice's college graduation - roadtrip trip to Ohio.
*Nephew's wedding - roadtrip to Greenville, SC.
*Our 30th wedding anniversary!!
*Working out our summer bible study plans
*Spring!!! Minus the allergies.

Five Things I Read today:
*Book entitled "So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore?"
*Menards online windows & blind treatments
*Turning Points devotional magazine
*Q-doba Menu
*Super nice handmade card I received from Lori

Five Things That Made Me Happy in the last Five Days:
*Visiting with dear friends, Debbie and Debbie (yes, I meant to say two Debbies, it is not a typo! LOL)
*New revelations about the love of God - His mercies are new EVERY morning!
*8 hours sleep, 2 nights in a row
*An email I received from pastors at church


Anonymous said...

Love the List. I know that you are enjoying having Joyce up there. Can't wait to see ya in 3 weeks...WHOA!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Sounds like you had a full day. I went to Sacramento to pick Alex up from the airport, he's been gone for 2 weeks to Kentucky (so hard to let go)... but as I was driving to Sacramento, i was missing my sister and cried out to God again telling Him I needed a friend... this time He told me - you have one, He said I am your friend, you can tell Me anything and I won't make you feel stupid or make fun of you. Isn't He just amazing. hugs my friend

Saleslady371 said...

Great list from a cool biker with manicured nails. Woo-hoo!

kaka said...

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