Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let the Revolving Door Revolve

I am excited about having 11 days off work. There are two Christmas presents upstairs. They are still sleeping but will soon be up for French Toast & Cheese Muffins! We enjoyed a fun dinner at Belle Vita last night with these two Christmas presents. Then the two Christmas presents came home and worked a puzzle and we made Christmas cookies. Keaton & Erin are SO much fun and we are SO glad they are home! Erin is delightful! She is originally from Canada and she loves chocolate. She can be cranky when she is hungry. She values family and enjoys life! (Note to DC Erin: You will enjoy meeting KY Erin-originally from Canada. It will be a kodack moment!)

Kevin is already out picking up two more little Christmas presents, and he'll be home with Clayton & Rhegan soon! We have a fun day planned at the Childrens Museum with ALL our Christmas present people. Did I mention I am excited about having 11 days off work?

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