Friday, February 1, 2008

A Controlled Hissy Fit

I had, what I refer to, as a "working girl meltdown" one day this past week. It happened on my FIFTH straight day of client bills {yes, I said the FIFTH straight day} after discovering and fixing countless allocation errors. One of my co-workers who shall remain nameless, but handles the mail, found it necessary to reject a 4-inch stack of outgoing mail, which did not amuse me. Another one of my co-workers, who shall remain nameless, but handles the staff, pulled me into an accounting department mess, which did not amuse me. I had a controlled hissy fit and decided to make plans for a visit to Mandy & new baby Dani because I am not feeling the love! Interestingly, having a controlled hissy fit gave me an opportunity to practice empathy. I am reminded to be responsible, appreciate my job, and my co-workers. In retrospect, maybe a controlled hissy fit is not such a bad thing after all. Enough said.

Some rambling thoughts:
  • Both Kevin & I now have new eye glasses. Children of ours, remember, we can see what you are doing now!

  • My dear sweet wonderful husband cleared the snow & ice from our driveway and several neighbors, even if I did have to make room for his Bobcat in the garage instead of my car. Love his guts!

  • Tomorrow morning is a "girlfriend breakfast" (not before 10am silly - would I do that?).

  • This Sunday is extra special - not just because of the Super Bowl. Andrea/Shawn are having all 3 babes dedicated to the Lord during the morning church service and we will be there. Will report more on that later this weekend.

  • Speaking of the Super Bowl - go Giants!

  • Florida Boy/Student Teacher recently said, and I quote: "I am SO much better than the teacher- really, mom, I am!" {Florida Boy is not on 20 year burn out}

  • DC Jet Setter Son is enjoying Lake Tahoe this week, although fog stopped him from jumping mountains on his snowboard yesterday. Puleeeeze watch out for trees my sweet! You already {sorta} have a balding head, please don't mess up your beeuutiful smile!

  • I received an absolutely darling handmade transparency card from a treasured friend this week. Can you believe it? An unexpected friendship note during a hissy fit week? Thank ya Jesus! [and Linda}

  • Kevin threw a man hissy fit one night this week when I {inadvertenly} left the front door wide open {again} after turning into bed for the night. Well deserved hissy fit I might add.

  • I want to make "Ranger" cookies for my grandson this weekend. He is a "Ranger" at church. Isn't that just too cute? I found the recipe in a a magazine, I hope they taste good.

  • My cell phone rocks. The other day, Joyce and I yickety-yakked about our next Stamp Club order. It's SO much fun to put SO much thought into SO cute stuff!

  • My cell phone rocks again. Today, Eleanor and I text messaged each other SO many times about tomorrow's girlfriend breakfast. It's SO much fun to plan for SO much fun {after 10AM, of course} and consider having a hot dog for breakfast!

  • I am SO done rambling.

It is very easy to forgive others their mistakes; it takes more grit and gumption to forgive them for having witnessed your own.

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