Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Doing the Happy Dance: Things are looking good today. My 2008 mojo is working overtime. I really CAN do two people's jobs. I really CAN get tax prep done for (1) INDIEC, (2) CTI (3) our personal return (4) mom's return, and (5) Keaton's return. I really CAN get the Women Owned Business application organized for CTI. I really CAN reach for the stars even if you have to stand on a cactus.

Entertainment: Last night was theater night with my sister, Jean. We met the nicest retired couple at our table, they were quick-witted, entertaining and lovable. "Westside Story" was not my favorite play, mostly because it does not have a happy ending, but they did a good job and the music was good. It was a fun night out.

Silly: This morning, I went outside in my PJ's and slippers with hot electric curlers in my hair in 19 degrees to start my car so it could warm up. Remember that adorable husband of mine who brings home the Bobcat to lovingly scoop snow and ice for his princess, and then parks the Bobcat in my garage? (Work with me here)

Annoyed: First, see above entry. Second, a pet peeve...recent words mis-pronounced that annoy me. It's Wal-mart. Not Wal-martS. There is no S. Singular. One mart. Valentimes. It's Valentine. NOT TIME. NaPkin. Not Nakin. There is a P in it. That's all. Short, sweet. Thank you.

Delighted: Andrea called yesterday afternoon to say YES, she and the kids (minus little guy Parker) are going to join us for the Florida trip to Keaton's graduation. HAPPINESS! We agreed on NO bathing suits - only capri's to show a little leg!

Original: Karen and I were talking about a friend of mine who has a tendency to be (putting it politely) one of the most negative people I've ever known. Karen casually said, "She needs a lesson on shut-upness." Now, there's an innovative word, if I ever heard one. We laughed and laughed!

Grateful: Lunch with Debbie today. As we were leaving, I told her to pass along a message to Janet. Tell her that I love her! Oh! And tell her that I HATE cancer! Janet is handling it so well and Debbie is the picture of sisterly love and support. Amen to that.

Anticipation: Next week is stamp club. Yay! 7 days from today, not that I'm counting or anything. Not that I'm excited about clubbing with the gang, or meeting for dinner, or laughing out loud, or making cool projects. Nope, I wouldn't do that.

Haircut: I liked it so much last time, I had another inch and a half cut off, and layered to smitherines! Two weeks from now, I'll like it again. I can still wear a headband, but a pony tail is out to lunch, baby!

Enough said.

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