Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Reflections-Keaton

I remember the day this picture was taken, at Keaton's college graduation. I remember when Keaton came home one day and said "Hey Mom, can I go to college in Florida?" And I remember saying "Pffft, no!" And then I remember us leaving him at college in Florida, with alligators.

I remember this post entitled God Has Big Plans for This Man's Life, this man who is my son Keaton. This man who is My Spleenless Son. I remember when Keaton sent me shopping for a zipper so we could take this picture after his surgery, Honk If You Have All Your Body Parts. And I remember thinking how blessed I was to be this man's mom. And today, I hope he knows how much his life has changed the dynamic of our entire family. He's all mine, you can't have him!

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