Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby R is here!

Here's a report that I received from Grandpa Larry:

We are pleased and excited to welcome Baby R into our family, immediate and extended. She arrived beautiful and healthy 7-27-10 at 8:15pm. 7lbs. 2 oz and 19 inches. Laura, Baby and Dan are fine. Rosalie will meet her sister in the morning. We know she will be excited, but she says she wants to go swimming first. She does not realize how her life is going to change. She has been practicing on how to take care of her sister.

We wish we could tell you this beautiful baby's name but only the parents know, and we can't really say that for sure. Many of you have had input on her name and the stories will be told for years to come. After seeing her we know it is not the name that is going to make this baby special. She will make any name special. She has lots of hair and according to Dan good lungs.

Love to all,
Larry & Joyce

And let me just add ... I'm downright happy to be an aunt again! The crowds at the mall better part like the Red Sea so we can get to some more pink! Rhegan & I will be on a mission, via the nail salon.
Love, Aunty Kay