Friday, July 2, 2010

I've been busy doing everything. I don't know how it got to be July! Doesn't this quote really hit home with just about anyone? I did me. Today will be an anything post.

I've had a bunch of doses of inspiration lately in the following categories: family togetherness in Amish Country (and yes, I ordered the matching bar stools to the Amish made kitchen table and chairs we got last summer); summer-time Harley riding with hubby & friends; a few new recipes including chocolate peanut butter brownies and salsa cheese ball. Isn't it impossible to pick a favorite inspiration? And I didn't even mention the crafty cards I've made lately! Or Rhegan's twirl (and fall) down the Barbie Doll Runway!

I'm enjoying a new stove and refrigerator. Isn't it wonderful that the kitchen floor "accidentally" got scratched up when installing the new frig ... so we'll have to get a new one? Been looking at floor samples. Oh ... and we just happened upon an updated bathroom sink/counter. I LOVE when one thing leads to another ... in this instance! AND ... a silly crazy wonderful piece of info along these lines is this: we got a true-to-life, bonafide, in-the-flesh handyman! Be still my heart! God sent him. First, He sent him to my neighbor's house, then to my other neighbor's house, and then to mine. (Note: he did not install the new frig! LOL) I love our house, the neighborhood, the location. It just needed a handyman! I see new light fixtures in our future too.

I miss my mom. The days have been ticking by since she went to Heaven. Healing is ushered in over time, nothing you can do to speed it along. Kinda good that God designed it that way, so we don't feel rushed or nothing! Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. Part of my doing "everything" lately includes filling my heart with memories. In a full heart there is room for everything, and in an empty heart there is room for nothing.

I don't want to talk about life without a gallbladder. I don't need it back or anything. It would probably be totally complicated to do so.

One more week and then we'll be heading to Florida. I just know it's gonna be hot (duh!). The Keatster is having knee surgery, and we're gonna make sure that doctor knows the waiting room is a house of prayer! And then I'm going to take Keaton home and give him drugs.

It's time for a 3-day weekend! Happy Birthday America! What are you most looking forward to this weekend? A hot dog? fun fun fun :)

Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.


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