Thursday, November 8, 2007

Atypical Monday-Brandt

Brandt was just home/here. He crashed here for the night, now on his way home home. He just "happened" to be in the neighborhood. He was on his way from DC to St. Louis to Indy to St. Louis to Indy to DC when he stopped by. Good thing he has cell phone service in a place called
We survived a FUN visit from Brandt & Art, who attended the Colts Game. Art cannot come back if he jinxed the Colts (only kidding)! I'll just have to find a new pair of lucky socks that works better for a team win! Anyway, this pic was taken by photographer Erin on Atypical Monday in DC, and Brandt thought it blog-worthy. I agree. Cool pic. Cool jump. I could do that. Next time I'm at Brandt's home home, I will do that. (Warning: have ambulance standing by)

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