Sunday, April 6, 2008


I've been trying to feel better. One day I'm great, next day I'm half great, next day I'm down for the count. I think it's part of the "three strikes and you're out" rule. Who invented that rule anyways?

Three Things About Thursday:
1. My sister, Jean, had hip surgery - not a replacement, but a hip repair.
2. A few hours after surgery we talked by phone: Me: "Hi Jean, this is your younger sister, Kay". Response: "I thought I was the younger sister!" She's gonna be just fine.
3. She has a sign-up sheet for "Hip-Helpers" if you wanna be HIP!

Three Things About Friday:
1. My sister, Joyce, had a special birthday - she is now 60 years young.
2. Her family is throwing her a 30 + 3o party tomorrow evening and I'm sure there will be NO margaritas and chips at that party!
3. She opened my present to her - a personalized return address stamp that you can order online here. Love the matching stationery options too!

Three More Things About Friday:
1. My husband, Kevin, enjoyed an early birthday celebration with the Wilsons & Bryants.
2. We had a 30 + 28 party, or as Kevin likes to say, a 29 x 2 party!
3. First-dinner at the Mongolian Grill. Second-off to the movies to see "Leatherheads".

Three Things About Saturday:
1. Went to Hobby Lobby to pick up another Copic Marker (25% off this week). Accidentally forgot my checkbook/coupon holder at the Hobby Lobby. Made a second trip to Hobby Lobby a few hours later to make the retrieval.
2. Kevin & I enjoyed lunch with Mom at the Cracker Barrel. Keaton a/k/a Florida Boy who was on his way to enjoy a day at the beach said "Oh man - you're at Cracker Barrel?! I'm SO jealous." Let me see: Beach vs. Cracker Barrel. Hmmm.
3. Did I mention that I love my husband?

Three Things About Sunday:
1. Slept 12 hours without extra meds! Kevin made a drug-store run for more Mucinex - should have bought stock in the stuff.
2. Need to pack my overnight bag for my "Hip Helper" trip to Jean's tomorrow!
3. Looked at my Stampin Up catalog for the 56th time, decided on a cute Kitty Set and the photo corner punch.

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