Friday, April 11, 2008

Look Who Came to Visit

The pretty pink girls came all the way from Georgia to visit (they brought Grandpa with them too, of course!) You are looking at three generations of pretty pink -- my sister Joyce, her daughter Laura, and her granddaughter, Rosalie. Rosalie is a DOLL - with curls just like her mommy! Elmo is "in" and so is eating macaroni & cheese with your fingers! All you have to do is say "Hello Pretty Girl" and you get smiles by the dozen. Carrying on a conversation with Rosalie was kinda one-sided, but I did hear "YUM YUM" after every bite of ice cream! We met the family for dinner this evening and she was such a good girl at the restaurant. In 4 more months, she will turn TWO YEARS OLD! Maybe then the terrible two's will hit? Naah, this kid rocks! Her bouncy curls and flashy smile will get her through the terrible two's - three's - four's and so on! Thanks for coming to visit, we're really glad you did!

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