Sunday, April 6, 2008

Craft Talk

Some of you have asked me about my latest craft craze - copic markers. If you have not tried them - beware of addiction. These are fast-drying artist quality markers that come in 322 colors! I have 10 markers - enough to have way too much fun - yes way! If you stamp or scrap, they will be a fun addition to your craft. Some websites that I spend way too much time on - and offer tutorials, instruction, and purchase of fun stuff:

Wanna know sumpin' tricksy? I just close my eyes and pick a copic marker and color something. That gets my motor running, then I start shading in with additional colors and then I use my "O" colorless blender to make it all come together. Finally, I use my favorite copic marker "W1 - Warm Gray" to give it a shadow. And, as I like to say, "BAM - before you can say "Bob's Yer Uncle" you got yershelf an arteest quality lookum gooder thing! Whaddya waiting for? Just do it.

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