Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a yesterday ...

I had a day of meetings ahead of me. Not a bad day to contemplate, don't ya think? All I had to do was get myself outa bed, get cute, and get going. I did. It was also my weekly lunch day with my dear friend, Debbie. I'm not sure how we moved from hello to "my sister's cancer is back" but we did. We had salads and tears for lunch, mixed with a big slice of valued friendship. The family will face difficult decisions in the days ahead. Much prayer is needed.

I've decided (as if I have a choice) that if I have to die, and we all do, that I want to go out smiling. And I've decided that if I have to have a funeral, which I guess we do have a choice in that matter, I want mine to be positive, filled with joy & laughter, stories that lead to belly laughs, remembering a feisty fun spirit, and admiring my family for their faith and strength. Days like today remind me of where I am going and to be faithful and strong on my way there.

Once the day had ended, Kevin & I spent some time talking about friendship and matters of life and death. It's such a humbling thing to think how quickly life can change. It was such an emotional day. As sad of a day as it could have been, it was also a good day. A day to make the moments count with a treasured friend.

Life is not a "brief candle" but a splendid torch to make bright as possible before handing on to future generations.

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