Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life ...

Things I did recently:

  • Kevin & I went to my law firm's annual backyard picnic which was officially called "Jack's party at David's which was held at Bette's"
  • Scarffed down a bowl of "the works" at the strawberry festival downtown
  • Scarffed down a bowl of "the works" at the strawberry festival in Noblesville
  • Yes I know this is excessive behavior.
  • Keaton & I saw the movie "Kung Fu Panda" - what a GOOD message for young/old
  • Came home after work and found a van bucket seat in my kitchen, said to be "a valuable piece of furniture for my new apartment" (hmm - ya think Florida boy would say that?!)
  • Walked 12 blocks to/from a seminar on Electric Smartgrid Technology, dont' really feel smarter yet, but it peaked my interest.

People I talked to recently:

  • Sister Jean - lunched together at her work Eli Lilly. They have everything inside there, except their own airport.
  • Mom - we talk once a day, everyday, either on the drive to/from work.
  • Neighbor Fran - she's going to be 39 again (kinda like being 63) and we're going to dinner next week to celebrate.
  • Eleanore - we're having a scrap girls night out this Friday, with pizza.
  • Sister Joyce - who had to untangle her granddaughter's foot from being stuck in her crib this week (kids and monkeys really are related somehow)
  • Staci - via email, dear friend, miles away but close as a keyboard
  • Karen - co-worker lunch, we had bad days together. It was fun.

Words that describe my life right now:

  • Irony - some of the strangest things happen at the strangest times
  • Humbling - it happens if you try to walk a mile in someone else's shoes
  • Blessed - enough said.
  • Anxious - to know Janet's decision about surgery.
  • Amused - my husband is just plain entertainment
  • Confused - where do ants come from?

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