Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah & Joe

Did I forget to mention that Sarah is part of our family? Oh, silly me. You know, Sarah told me she is not disheartened with the election results. She rather likes Alaska. And don't tell anyone I told you, but she just might become Senator Sarah and end up in Washington anyway! Wouldn't that be the berries? {Lloyd & Pam -- Aunt Kay says you rock in your Halloween get-up!}

Speaking of nieces, Traci is going to d-r-a-g us girls to the salon for a mani or pedi as soon as we meet up in Atlanta. Of course, I will go kicking and screaming ... for the good of the order. Such a sacrifice I must make, she says with a faint hand over her brow and a long sigh. And if anyone -- I say anyone -- laughs at my white legs I will resign from being your favorite Aunt. My toes are SO excited!

This evening, Keaton & I attended "The Christmas County Spelling Bee" presented by Meadowbrook Academy -- can anyone say adorable? K-5th graders singing Mighty God, Prince of Peace, all the while blinking at the lights and remembering their smooth moves! Mr. Squires' attendance was required as a teacher, but Mr. Squires' mom's attendance was pure fun. It was good for Keaton to go somewhere else besides the doctor.

Tis the season to consider dragging the Christmas Tree out of the attic, and getting tangled up in the lights, and asking Kevin to please hang the high ornaments and the tree topper, and plopping on the couch and oooh & awww. What AM I going to do without Keaton to do this for me this year? He has been the official tree putter-upper for years! Okay, I can psych up for this and rise to the task! Unless, of course, the grandkids want to have a tree putter-upper pizza party at gram's house?!? Yeah, that's the ticket.


saleslady371 said...

Cute pic! White legs??? I live in Arizona and have white legs, no excuse!

Becky said...

Oh golly...I am so white, let's not even get into it. have been tagged ;)