Thursday, November 27, 2008


And for dessert, we have Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie, Whip Cream, or Tums.

  • The family traveled to Atlanta from the north, the south, and the east (but not the west if I have my direction right, which is questionable if you could see how I drive). One by one, the carloads and airplane loads arrived at the Larkins' Resort.
  • I looked like a plump little pack donkey with my rolling suitcase in one hand, a laptop bag slung over my shoulder, Keaton's backpack full of math books, and a heavy box full of Guitar Hero Band gear. Let the thankfulness begin, she said with a gobble (actually it was a wobble but there was no alcohol involved, nor kool-aid).
  • We convinced grandma to play dice games, and she beat our butts.
  • We watched Fred Claus and Juno in the home theater, tomorrow's featured show is Hancock.
  • Grandma Mary got stuck in the elevator once, Larry to the rescue.
  • Football drones on in the background.
  • The gals made a desperate shopper run to the Michaels Pre-Black Friday sale. Happiness!
  • Rosalie (the cutest 2-year old niece in the universe) and Lexie (the cutest Yorkshire Terrier in the universe) chase each other and giggle (well I haven't actually heard Lexie giggle for real but I'm sure they do it in dog-talk), all the while someone somewhere is winding up the singing snow globe every few minutes.
  • We are down to leftovers of turkey and all the trimmings, compliments of Head Chef Joyce and Helper Chef Lark and Turkey Carver Larry.
  • Keaton is with us, alive and well.
I feel like Lucille Ball or Ethel Merman or Marge Simpson. The point is, I'm straight up crazy thankful to be here. Can anyone say My-Lanta ... life is good! Phew baby, we opened up a big 'ole can of thankfulness today and ate the whole thing.


Becky said...

WHAT???!?!?!??!??? You are a Beth Moore fan???? OH MY....we ARE kindred spirits!!!! HAPPY THANKGIVING...Loved the story!!!

Rebecca said...

You're quite the wordsmith. Your posts just exude JOY & HAPPINESS!!