Thursday, February 26, 2009

DC Visit with Brandt

TIP: Hold cursor over any picture to see caption. I had a great visit with Brandt! Many of the pics are from the Newseum (just opened in April 2008), which has five centuries of news history, including a piece of the Berlin Wall, the mangled antenna from one of the twin towers destroyed on 9/11 which was oh so important to the news reporters as they filed their stories with the Associated Press, and get this ... the First Dogs exhibit, featuring many Presidents and their loyal best friend!

Speaking of loyal best friend, Brandt was dog-sitting for his good friend and neighbor, Jennifer, so I made friends with Tilly! She's now part of Brandt's gang.

Off we went to spend the day at the National Gallery of Art, with another one of Brandt's gang - Allen, who is retired and volunteers 3 days a week at the Art Gallery. What an unforgetable tour and guide! I've been to Pompeii! Well, sorta. The rediscovery of Pompeii and it's artifacts is like vacationing in Rome!

We enjoyed evening dinners with Brandt and Sara. No one calls her Sara, really. It's Sara Barton. Just rolls off the tongue, yes? Sara has a beautiful smile and a quick sense of humor, and makes my son happy. Happy son = happy mom. Thank you Sara Barton.

Thanks to my dear, long-time friend, Debbie, for letting me be her travel companion. Your good company, fun sense of humor, agreeable attitude (even while walking many many blocks in the snow and rain) are filed away in my forever drawer.

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saleslady371 said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with these pics. They say so times with Debbie, handsome Brandt with his cute girl, Sara Barton. How about the dog: You know what they say about dogs...they can tell who the good people are and the pics are so cute of you and doggy! You look so happy.