Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Rambling

Kay has been a busy girl! I flew to DC on the day after Valentines to hang with Brandt. He ran me around like I'm 21 again, and when I returned home, I realized I was not. 21, that is. Perhaps I will work on that at my next b-day. We went to four museums, had dinner in Chinatown, shopped in Georgetown, met friends along the way, and spent time at Brandt's loft and hanging with neighbor Jennifer's dog, Tilly. Jennifer had the nerve to be in Thailand, so I missed her this time! I enjoyed spending time with Brandt's new girlfriend, Sara Fun Barton {emphasis added}. I'll post pics later ... I'm still trying to make my way back to my real age.

I had to come back to work to relax! I came home to a full in-box, an un-full refrigerator, a full bin of laundry, and oh, company's coming! Kevin's family arrived on Friday to spend the weekend celebrating Jane's 74th b-day. Kevin is the most wonderful brother, you would want him even if you already have a brother. He took care of everything. He reserved the activities room at Rosegate, invited Jane's friends and family, ordered b-day cake and balloons, and brought in Crave Cases full of White Castle hamburgers. Now that's a party - so say the 80+ year old friends from Rosegate! I'll post pics later ... did I mention that I'm still trying to make my way back to my real age?!

Saturday ... time to load 'em up and move 'em out to Clayton's best-ever b-ball game. The kid was on fire! His team won by 2 points, and the package of Reese Pieces I gave him after the game was well deserved. Uber-excitement! All the while it was snowing outside, which uber-excites Aunt Audra. "Let's make snow angels, let's build an igloo, let's crawl underneath the branches of that tree and look up at the snow!" She's 80+ and she means every word. We could hardly yank her inside the car! Off to Red Robin for lunch, then a stop at Barnes & Noble, and then we converged on mom's house for leftover b-day cake. Mom loves it when we mess up her kitchen. Seriously. I'll post pics later ... did I mention that I'm still trying to make my way back to my real age?!

Sunday ... Jane has an upper respiratory infection but she is still smiling after Kevin spent half the night with her in ER getting real drugs. Aunt Audra happily read her new Glenn Beck book. Harold watched GunSmoke while Vivian hung out with me until it was time to hit the road, Jack.

Take every opportunity to breathe blessings into the hearts of those you love.

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saleslady371 said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. I look forward to the photos. Post a lot of them, I hope. You amaze me girl, how you keep it all together. Kevin has good party ideas! And you have a beautiful attitude toward busy life.
Love ya,