Sunday, February 8, 2009

How do you say I love you?

Do you say it with a heart shaped M&M ring on a paper plate?

Or a phone call to a friend? How many ways do you say I love you?

Thoughts in Threes:

Things I did this past week:

1. Went with my sister to our first dinner theater show this season, feature presentation "Don't Dress for Dinner". Maybe for some, but for me? Not so much. Really would not be a good idea, not to mention you might freeze something off. The play was hysterically funny! We laughed till we .... ummm, we had to go to the bathroom.

2. Bought semi-flat shiny black penny loafers to wear with Jean's as knock-around shoes. Funny story here -- suffice it to say that Judge Gray (whom I respect and respond to in her courtroom on a regular basis) found me in the shoe department and a good time was had by all! "How about these? You're too picky! No, not those nerdy ones. Why must you look taller? You just need to hem your Jeans. Yes, those are the ones!"

3. Had my Jeans hemmed.

Things I talked with people about:

1. The last 20 years with an old friend.
2. Life in general ... with my sweetheart. I love doing that.
3. Upcoming trip to DC ... with Debbie.

Biggest surprises this week:

1. We learned that Kevin has shingles. Pain, much pain. So he thinks happy thoughts instead. If I had them, I would die dead. Instead of dying, Kevin took me to a movie on Friday night. Clint Eastwood is, like 100 years old, but his new movie "Grand Torino" is absolutely grand. Go.

2. A fun surprise --- After stamp club on Thursday night with the "hood" girls, we stopped off at McDonalds and got jittered up on Sprite and laughed so hard!

3. Want to know how many times a day I talk to the cat when I see him? Me too.

Things I just want to say:

1. I love Jesus, oh yes I do!

2. I got myself all ready to go outside and walk around the block with my spiffy new retractable ear phones for my IPod and my Kathy Smith Walk Fit tunes, and I told Kevin if I was not back in 30 minutes to send out an A.P.B. because if I don't come back it probably means I had a heart attack. He did not. I did not. Phew.

3. A few months ago I joined Facebook. (and yes, I will gladly be your friend if you ask). Facebook is the new smoking. It's horribly addicting and fun. It's a place where people report on important things in their life, such as "Doing laundry today" and "Enjoying doing nothing today" and "Getting good at Guitar Hero today". But then again ... connecting with family and friends, on any level, is good, yes? No matter how good or bad you type.

Not only does love make the world go round, but it makes the ride worthwhile!

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