Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello, my name is ....

Okay, so here's the deal. I'm a sicko. Kevin's a sicko. And most human beings in the good state of Indiana are sicko's. So what does one do when one is under the weather and part of the "S" club? Go to a new church! I'm sure God forgives the coughing, sneezing, sniffling, aching parishioners for not partaking in the Sunday meet-n-greet!

If you know me, you probably know that we've been watching them build a new church right up the road from us, Oaklandon Christian Church. We pass it everyday to/from work. It's pretty. It's nicely done. It looks welcoming. So we packed up our Kleenex box and hit the road for their church service.

Pastor Rob is introducing Jesus via a name tag ... you know, the "Hello, my name is ..." type of sticky thing we all love? Clever! "Hello, my name is ... Jesus." Now then, I hacked and coughed and held my aching head and reached for my Kleenex box in between the offering and communion, but how many of you know that church days affect the rest of our days? Besides, they had coffee and donuts. And we met a nice man named Mr. Caldwell, and one of Kevin's work buds and his wife was there, and a neighbor was there. But wanna know sumpthin' tricksy? So was Jesus!

BEND IN THE ROAD {i.e. we are changing the subject}

You've probably heard of the passing of Paul Harvey. May heaven welcome him home! But here's the rest of the story. My neighbor is related to PH by marriage. Okay, so when we stand at the mailbox and swap neighbor stories, we have loads of fun! I realize that everyone is gonna miss PH for some reason or other, but mine is Christmas. Yepsiree, every Christmas the Harvey's flew their plane to the private airport up the road (yes, it's down the street from the new church) and a limo was waiting to cart the fam to my neighbor's house. There's just something comforting knowing that Paul Harvey is across the street eating Fran's home cookin. Goodbye Paul. Please send a radio report when you have settled in, and tell us what it was like to see the real name tag, "Hello, my name is .... Jesus!"

BEND IN THE ROAD #2 {i.e., we are changing the subject, again}

So last night, instead of staying home in our sicko house, we packed up our trusty Kleenex box and met a bunch of old friends for dinner. These are really old friends ... I'm talking 30 years worth. When Kevin & I married, this was our gang from church. You know, the ones you laugh and cry and pray and play with. We have all since moved here and there, but once a year we drive from all over the state and get young again. I'm so thankful for old friends that make me young. Our conversations have changed throughout the years, but our name tags remain the same. "Hello, my name is .... your old friend."

BEND IN THE ROAD #3 {i.e., we are changing the subject, yet again}

Gotcha, didn't I? Cough cough, hack hack, snoot snoot, blow blow.

Laughter IS the best medicine.

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