Monday, March 23, 2009

Where Ya Been Kay?

3 weeks ago: Really sick.
2 weeks ago: Just sick, without the really part.
1 week ago: Sic, without the "k" part - which means I still have not kicked this thing!
Today: Hoping for the best!

Rambling: So yes, I've been up to no good. But somewhere in between no good, I think there was at least some good because I keep on keeping on through it all. Kinda ... sorta ... well, some days. Okay, I'm not gonna go there. Moving on ...

New Church/Women's Bible Study Update: Kevin & I are settling in at the new church. I am really enjoying the study in Joyce Meyer's book, Battlefield of the Mind. At first, I did not think this book was for me (just because of the title alone). I mean, I was not having any battlefields in my mind -- I know exactly who I believe in and what a wonderful God we serve -- and I lead a charmed life! Oh, but that's not at all where this book was going. This book helps you to realize that the mind - in and of itself - directs our thought, word, and deed. So fill it with God's word and carry on! And that's just what we are doing. God is working in and through this study, and the 20 ladies in my group are wise, warm, and a caring/sharing people. Last Sunday after church service, Kevin said "I'm thinking that I want to be in your Women's Bible Study too!" LOL

Florida Boy: Keaton convinced his principal to let him take his 11th and 12th grade math students on a field trip to Disneyland! Their math assignments included finding certain statues in the park and measuring distances, heights, and approximating weights, etc. all under the guise of math problems! Don't you wish you had a math teacher like him? I love that kid, that teacher, that son of mine, that Mr. Squires.

Chicken Pox: Shortly after Kevin had shingles, grandson Parker enjoyed chicken pox. Isn't Kevin a great grandpa? Then, shortly after Parker had chicken pox, his sister Rhegan enjoyed chicken pox. Isn't Parker a great lil' brother? I don't know about this whole shingles/chicken pox virus thing, but let's just say good riddance.

Rubber Stamp Show: On Saturday last week, I met some of my girlfriends at the Rubber Stamp and Paper Art Festival. Can you say fun? I was over the moon! So then I came home and have been a busy little crafter creating fun springy projects that make my dining room table messy and my heart happy.

The Wilsons: Everybody needs a neighbor named Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, don't you think? We've had that pleasure for well over 20 years. Had lunch with them after church yesterday. Just thought it was worth mentioning cuz, well, old friends are indeed best friends.

Knee Surgeries For All! Kevin's brother, Harold, had knee replacement a few weeks back and lived to tell about it. My good friend/neighbor, Robin, had knee repair a week ago and she also lived to tell about it. I made a huge-mongo pasta salad (you know, everything in it but the kitchen sink) and delivered to her and her family 3 days after surgery. Robin was sitting on the couch pretty as a picture! Finally, my good friend/co-worker, Karen, had knee replacement last week and she also lived to tell about it! She is unnerved that she cannot have a shower for several more days. So I told her husband that it might be easier to put Karen in the convertible and run her through the car wash. That should shut her up.

I'm done rambling for today. Praise dee Lord!

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saleslady371 said...

Welcome back, dear friend!
I'm sorry to hear that the head cold is still lingering. I'll send some sun, but don't send snow in return. That Women's Bible study sound so good. Let's dress up Kevin as a woman so he doesn't miss out. Will he do it?

Wish I could have had a math teacher like Keaton. He's a creative thinker like his mom.

I saw your other blog and its dynamic. Made me smile.

Warm healing hugs,