Saturday, July 4, 2009

Family Reunion

Ever heard of Sulfur Well, Kentucky? That's okay, nobody else has ever heard of it either! But our bunch has been going there for many years to play and eat and laugh and do the reunion thing. Rook games are big in this bunch! This year, we ordered $100 worth of pizza and said "Let the games begin!" I love getting together with this wild bunch of hoodlums!

I'm a little late posting (Reunion was mid-June) but them's the breaks bucko! I'm just now getting around to the lazy hazy days of summer! Thanks, my family, for being the funnest bunch of hoodlums in town (well - did I mention that Sulfur Well, Kentucky isn't that big of a town?!) Okay, I'm kidding! We come from all over the globe, but whose watching?


Grammy said...

That sounds like fun. To order a pizza mean now work and every one has a wonderful relaxed time what a great ideal. I went to 2 reunions in West Virginia. My grandparents lines. I really did not know any one. But I fit right in. It was fun. I was into genealogy at that time. I love family history.
Have a wonderful week.

Saleslady371 said...

I love the slideshow and your family looks like so much fun. So glad you guys got to attend!