Thursday, July 9, 2009

O'Malley the Alley Cat

Welcome O'Malley! He's a super cute little fuzzball originally named "King Tut" by the Hamilton County Animal Shelter where we adopted it. {King Tut is a very big name for such a little guy!} Our baby is 8-weeks old and weighs in at 1.9 pounds .... that's like a clump of banana's or something! When Keaton was home visiting last week, we made a trip to the animal shelter "just to look around" of course. Can anyone say naive'? Little O'Malley looked at Kevin and made a big impression! After a short debate, we decided he was just too cute to not get. We spent the next few days building a cat name directory, when all of a sudden it came to me ... O'Malley! Ohhhh-Malley, you are so cute! Ohhhhh-Malley, move out of the way! Ohhhh-Malley, get out of there! Ohhhh-Malley, you're a good boy! It works!

He wasn't entirely pleased to be here at first. We spent the first 24 hours trying to coax him to come out from behind the washer/dryer. After Kevin made some panels to fix that little problem, O'Malley showed bravery and is now a little lover! Winner winner chicken dinner! I am currently arguing with him over wanting to play with my necklace! I wonder what's inside that fuzzy little head?! What is it like to just sit there and be cute and tiny? I think we're all gonna be one big happy family, and rub tuna juice around! I just know this much: when humans are owned by cats they live longer.

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Saleslady371 said...

What a cute name...O'Malley. He looks like a little lover. So glad for this addition to your household!

I'm so grateful for your prayers for me and my family!

Love you,