Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rheganisms: 5 Years Old!

My darlin' baby grand-girl, Happy Birthday! I missed you like crazy all day long, and was excited to meet you for pizza after work! I'll have you know that your momma and daddy are the only ones I would trust you to, especially in a family where birthdays are king. All day long, I felt like confetti with no place to blow. But we're all grown-ups here, so I tapped my fingernails on the desk counting down the hours till your pizza party. Five things about your 5th birthday:

1. You were dressed so cute that I honestly could not bear it! Score. Child. Score. And I'm relieved since your best shopping buddy didn't buy it.

2. On the eve of your birthday, we asked "How old are you?" Four! So we asked, "How old will you be tomorrow?" Five! So we told you we were giving you mustard for your 5th birthday, with a squirt of ketchup, of course. I saw your nose squiggle up right through the telephone.

3. Grandma: "I remember the day you were born." Rhegan: "Me too!" Grandma: "Tell me about it!" Rhegan: "Well, first, we all gathered ...." Grandma: stunned. Rhegan, struggling to think of where we were gathered: "Well, I wasn't born at McDonalds!"

4. You told me about camping and swimming around fish poop in the lake. At first, you were not going to swim in the fish poop lake. But then you decided you could simply swim around it.

5. Growing up in church is the best birthday present your momma and daddy will ever give you. I pray with all my heart for your little 5-year old frame. Kindergarten is coming. Persevere my sweet sweet child. Getting up early to catch the bus is only for a season.

School Bus Conversation between brother Clayton (9) and Rhegan (then 4):

Clayton: You will ride the bus with me every morning.
Rhegan: Yeah, some days I will but some days I won't so I can sleep in.
Clayton: Well, I'm sorry Rhegan! When you go to school you can never sleep in! Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you can never sleep in. You have to get up early to catch the bus.
Rhegan: (wailing) Ohhhh, I don't think I can doooooo this! (hand over head, running into the wind as if to get away from the biggest problem on the planet earth).

Grandma can relate.

We hope your birthday was everything that's fun and nothing that isn't! I'm thankful for the day you made me your grandma who rocks. We're all wild about you!

Post Pizza Party Pic: Parker! (SO many "P"s) Baby bro Parker is already a biker dude. He crawled up there his-self, much to Paw-Paw's delight! Pretty shiny new bike, Paw-Paw!

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Saleslady371 said...

Happy Birthday, Rhegan! What neat party pics. Wish I could have a piece of that cake!

Wishing you a great weekend, Kay! Knowing you, it will be filled with fun.

Lots of hugs,