Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In the long run ...

We had a fun little dinner last Saturday night with good friends the Wilsons (Brent & Eleanor) and the Bryants (Gary & Lynn). First, we set out to see a new movie called "Bonneville" It premiered last week and we noticed it when we were at the movies with the Wilsons last weekend. We decided right there and then to make a plan to see it this weekend (mainly because we are cheap and cannot use discount coupons on premier showings. That's called being a respectable baby boomer.) The preview makes it look like "Thelma & Louise" in first gear. 3 women set off on a cross country jaunt to deliver an urn full of an ex-husband's ashes to a resentful daughter. Sounds good huh?


We got to the ticket window (with our discount coupons) and learned it was no longer showing! What? Why? The sweet teenager in the box office simply said "Oh, we lost that movie last Friday."


We LOLed all the way to our seats in the next movie of choice, The Bank Job. Mr. Wilson still had time to get his all-important popcorn! Kevin, Brent, and Gary all liked the movie. Lynn and Elearnor said it was good. But let me just say this: I could have lived my whole life without ever seeing that movie. The true story of a heist gone wrong -- in all the right ways.

Dinner at Adobo's was the best part of the evening. There is something about authentic Mexican cuisine that gets the taste buds going. They mix fresh guacamole dip right at your table, but it still doesn't fix the fact that it is green!

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