Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

A friend sent me this cute little comic and I could not resist sharing it! It's not the cutsie little Easter shot that you'd expect but it's sure funny! I have had a lot of fun coloring chicks, bunnies, and eggs for Easter cards and baskets, but I am thankful that Easter has a deeper message than chicks, bunnies, and eggs. I am thankful that Christ has risen! Some Easter Day ramblings:

Today: I am thankful for a beautiful Easter church service, the message preached by our very special good friend Pastor Doug, and that my mom could enjoy it with us! I am also thankful for a delish Easter dinner out (i.e. no cooking) at The Bonefish Grill, compliments of our sons, Brandt & Keaton (been holding onto that Christmas gift card for a special occasion)! Love you guys!

Unpredictable Weather: Easter Sunday morning was sunny with a crisp chill. This afternoon seemed like a waste of a good crisp sunny day without a walk around the neighborhood. First stop, Robin's house and off we went. Then the white specks began to float down from the heavens. Yes, we had a mini Easter snow shower! Robin saw it too, so I knew I could not be hallucinating on Easter!

Easter Memories of Years Gone By: One time I sewed an entire Easter dress inside out. It was the last time I tried to sew clothes. I attended Easter sunrise service ONCE in my life (anyone who knows me knows this is noteworthy since I am NOT a morning person). My parents always gave us a chocolate Easter Bunny and I always ate the ears first.

Cell Phone is in a "Safe" Place: As a mother, I am amused at the oddity of my sons. You see, it is usually Brandt who "misplaced" his cell phone, wallet, his head, etc. etc. etc. - you get the picture. However, on this sunny, chilly, Easter Sunday it was Keaton who "misplaced" his cell phone - left it at church, where it was discovered by a kind young soul who called me! However, as of this writing, Keaton himself is "misplaced" but I have half the college campus looking for him and I'm sure he won't get far!

All My Children: Do you know how good it feels to know that All My Children were in church this morning, in our respective cities and states? Do you know how that touches a mother's soul? A little snow, a delish Easter meal, a few Easter chicks, bunnies, and eggs --- nothing compares to the blessing that "All My Children" spent time with the Lord. Nothing. Enough said.

The resurrection gives life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what the circumstances.