Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oldies But Goodies

This is a picture of myself and my good buddy, Linda, from 1902. She has the beautiful curls and I have the pixie haircut. Aren't we cute???!!! It was taken on a Sunday afternoon after we had just snuk out of an all day church tent meeting (look closely at the tent flap in the background) and we were contemplating what our deviant streak of behavior was going to cost us!


But I had ya going didn't I?! Actually, my good buddy Linda sent me a CD that is chalk full of Vintage Clip Art. YES WAY!!! So I blogged it and DANG I'm feeling quite brilliant and productive! Don't you just love anything that translates a vivid memory into creativity? I mean, hello, I was NOT born in the early 1900s (nor was Linda, I'm pretty sure) but I bet we can each look at that picture and come up with a childhood memory and BAM, before you can say Bob's yer Uncle, everything falls into place! Alas, the beauty of scrapbooking! Thank you Linda!

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