Sunday, March 16, 2008

You Gotta Have Freinds

Several weekends ago, I met some girlfriends for breakfast (yes, I said breakfast - not lunch - and no it was not an early breakfast or would I be there?!) This is they, and me, and a a few pancakes later! Today, I am feeling very thankful for the many fun friendships that bless my life. Pancakes aren't so bad either.

MORE FUN: Yesterday, I enjoyed a class at Archivers called "Stationery in a Snap" with several other girlfriends. GET THEE TO ARCHIVERS AND DON'T MISS THIS FUN CLASS! Loved it, had a ball, learned a lot, laughed a lot more, good medicine for the soul. Following class, mom joined us girls for lunch. Has your 85 year old mom been the hit of your girlfriend lunch lately? Mine has! We ROARED. Love your guts mom! Let me just say, afterwards Robin said to me "It makes me miss my mom." I am so lucky to have my mom so close!

INSPIRED: So after that fabulous class at Archivers, I came home and made good use of my scraproom, i.e. dining room table until 1:30 AM. My latest craft-craze is COPIC MARKERS. If you don't know what they are and you are a scrapbooker/paper crafter, you should. They come in a bazillion colors (this is a good thing) and they cost approximately $5 a pop (this is a not so good thing). Hobby Lobby recently put them on sale so I was able to pick up about 4 more colors, bringing my craft-craze copic marker collection to a whopping 9. But -- oh baby -- do I love them a bundle! I am learning to "shade" like a real artist (self-teaching from web research) but I DO think I'm hot stuff. It's really fun.

HONORED: My dear friend Eleanore, and her beautiful bride-to-be daughter Kara, called me yesterday and asked me to sing at the wedding! She would like for me to sing The Wedding Song when Eleanore is ushered down the isle. Everybody say awwwww! How sweet is that?! I had been planning all along to cry when Kara comes down the isle since she is such a beeeeuutiful girl, but that takes care of that! I really am so honored. I love you Eleanore. It takes a long long time to grow an old friend. (She's the pretty little gal in the picture, sitting in front of me, she's in a blue sweatshirt.)

FAMILY TIME: Kevin enjoyed an unexpected visit with his brother, Harold, yesterday. Harold and Viv drove up so Viv could spend time with a sick family member, who is suffering from cancer. Kevin & Harold started the day with breakfast, piddled around in the tool store, worked together at the shop, and ended with dinner at Montana Mikes. I think this is somewhat equivalent to a GIRLS DAY OUT, only it was a MANS DAY OUT. I mean, come on, does it knock your socks off to go to the tool store? Isn't it nice that God made us different.

A Recent Telephone conversation with Rhegan:

Rhegan: Hi Grandma! Are you done visiting with Keaton in Florida?
Kay: Yep, I'm back home now!
Rhegan: Good, cause I need to come over to your house and eat banana's and apples.

Needless to say, we are having Andrea/Shawn and the babes out to the house this weekend and you can bet your farm that I will have banana's and apples.

Continuing Telephone Conversation With Rhegan:

Kay: Remember to bring your monkey banana pajama's and a good book for us to read.
Rhegan: "MOM - she said for me to bring my monkey banana pajama's and a book!" (to me) I have a really GOOD book!
Kay: Don't forget! I want you to go make a list, and write down banana pajama's and a book so you will remember to pack them.
Rhegan: I can't go make a list, silly, because I don't know how to write numbers yet.

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