Thursday, July 10, 2008

My MoJo, a Move, and a Movie

Picture Details: (Kay and sister-in-laws) Jane, upper right; Connie, lower right, Yours Truly on the left.
  • The dog is wagging the tail for me lately and my mojo is in high gear. In two weeks, my sister-in-law, Jane, will be moving from Ohio to an assisted living facility here in Indianapolis. She is a delightful 73 year old with early stages of Alzheimer's, and I love her smile. Let us pray that her smile continues to shine through this process. And mine.
  • I have always been a multi-tasker. A detailer. An organizer. Let's face it - I try to be the General Manager of the Universe. So it goes -- my mojo hits high gear until I crash. Been working on the various details of the move and, so far, haven't crashed. That's such a good thing don't you think?!
  • Kevin & I scooped up Jane from Ohio for the July 4 holiday weekend. We enjoyed outdoor walks, fireworks, outdoor walks, visiting Rosegate, outdoor walks, eating dippin-dots, outdoor walks, dinner with Andrea and circus, outdoor walks, and laughs and tears. Jane walked my butt all over Indiana! My mom's garden home is located right across the street from Jane. All the ladies are excited about Jane's move to Indy. They will scoop her up for breakfast, exercise, and card-playing. Jane will likely have to put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign to keep them at bay!
  • Tonite, a surprise visit from Harold/Vivian greeted us after work. We scooped them up and drove them to Rosegate before sundown for a tour, and crashed mom's pad. She was delighted! I'm either going to start selling garden homes for Rosegate or arranging senior moves! We are getting good at "scooping" up people!
  • Oh yeah - the movie part of this blog entry is this (I really do have a point here): There is an attorney at my firm, whose name shall remain anonymous, who looks just like Jack Black. So everytime I see him, I say "Hi Joe-Jack Black". Been doing that for over a year now. Last Sunday night, Keaton & I flipped on the tube and guess what movie, starring Jack Black, was on? School of Rock! OMG - funny! And you KNOW how I think everything ROCKS! Well, now Joe-Jack Black ROCKS even more! Well, it's funny in my head anyway.
  • Final Ramblings: What's for dinner?
The influence of the family has a greater effect upon what we think, how we feel, and what we do about our lives than all of the other sources of influence combined.

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