Sunday, December 7, 2008

Groundhog Day

Okay -- let's dish.

After our Thankful Thanksgiving, we headed for Indiana early Saturday morn. 10 hours ahead of us. No problemo. Grandma was riding well. We got her home in one piece, and purchased some groceries for her and Jane. Off we went to our own Home-Sweet-Home. Made it! The cat was mad at me. Life was good.

One hour later, my cell phone rings. Keaton has severe stomach pain while driving home from Atlanta, can hardly speak, about to pass out. Ambulances from both directions head toward him, not knowing exactly where he is located. We stay on the phone with him until medical personnel reach him and then we jump back inside our un-packed car and head for a hospital somewhere in Macon, GA. Drove through the night (after driving through the day), all the while talking with ER personnel. Keaton is pumped full of narcotics and nausea drugs, awaiting test results. We arrive early Sunday morn.

He is released. CT scan looked good. Esophagus is inflamed, has digestion problems - so they say. Bunch of new drugs now. We took Keaton home to Florida. Want to know possible culprit?

Food Poisoning. Perhaps Burger King. We will never know. Keaton never wants to do that again. He'd rather have a second spleen removed, if in fact God grew him another one.

Groundhog Day? It's a movie where a 24 year old young man and his parents find themselves living the same day over and over again. It would probably be a good idea to stop celebrating Groundhog Day.

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