Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ten completely random thoughts for today:

1. You can blast or bury it. That's what I heard on my car radio today from Dr. Charles Stanley who was speaking to your reaction to hurt. You could go into your bedroom, shut the door, and blast away if you must get it out of your system. Or bury it - not good.

2. Guess who's coming over tonight for 3 days and 2 nights to spread laughter and beautiful messes? The grandkids - or greatkids, as my son-in-law likes to remind me.

3. Why must flat tires happen at the most in-opportune times? Well, is there really an opportune time? Prolly not, but there is more opportune times than others. Like when I am NOT taking my friend, Karen, to her doctor follow-up appointment to remove 18 staples in her leg following knee surgery. Pfffft.

4. On April 8, I'm going to win a series of DVD's from the Allaccess Blog. That is, if God wants me and the ladies in my bible study to Discern the Voice of God. Well, I'm quite certain He wants everyone to discern the voice of God, but ...

5. What do you say when asked "how are you today?" I always say "Just peachy!" But sometimes I jump between peachy and dandy. Even if you are not, saying is believing.

6. If I were a cat, I would not hurriedly jump on top of my mom's clothes hamper and crook my head through the blinds to see the birds in the tree. (But I wish I'd had my camera when he did.)

7. I hope Keaton is enjoying his first Spring Break --- as a teacher.

8. Take Note: March is gone. Where did it go? I hardly remember it! I think I slept through it. Like a hibernating bear, only one with a cold/cough. (April Fools!)

9. I'm feeling all sorts of creative. I love it when that happens! Like, when I strolled through the Martha Stewart isle at Michaels and found twine in spring colors. Ohhh, be still my heart!

10. My husband is my hero. I'm keeping him.


Saleslady371 said...

Hi, Kay:
I can't believe its April either. Request: hope you will write a post about the great kids and this weekend. I for one, would love to hear all about it! Too bad about that flat tire. I hope you win the DVD's; sounds like you are enjoying that Women's Study and meeting some fab women. Wish I was there with you; we could have some great times not to mention reving up everybody.

Love you lots,

Kay said...

It would be wonderful to have you at our Womens Bible Study to "rev" up the engines! Do you think we could convince them to bring you in as a guest speaker?!? Woo Hoo!