Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

No pictures today ... just a bunch of rambling about the past weekend. Spring came to us on Saturday, and left again on Sunday. I intended to get outside for a walk, but by the time I dashed through Walmart, packed it and unpacked it, I figured that was my walk for the day! I was anxious to get to my craft corner anyway, but let's just keep that between you and me, okay?

Remind me never to wear my favorite dilapidated old black sandals again, will ya? I love them! But my feet kill afterwards. {I wonder if "road kill" and "feet kill" are somewhat related words?} So I went shopping today for new sandals. Now Spring can come for real. Have you noticed that Gladiator sandals are now popular? I call them bible sandals. I tried them on. Yuck. How did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John walk over rocks and dirt with those things on?

Desperate Housewives: Edie Britt has left Wisteria Lane forever. How CAN the show go on without Edie? It's tough to say goodbye, especially to a feisty bird like Edie. But I do love flashback shows {it must be the sapbooker -- I mean scrapbooker -- in me}. I'm just sayin.

I am now into Book #4 of the Left Behind series. Kevin was even wondering if Buck found Chloe after the earthquake ... I'm keeping him informed, of course. But most importantly, I am learning more about bible prophecy and it's exciting! But once again, let's be thankful for not having to wear Gladiator sandals.

Contrary to what most people think, I'm not completely spontaneous. I'm not opposed to it, if I have time to compile a lengthy list and address the pros and cons before the aforementioned spontaneity occurs. So it was a bold move to attend the rock-n-roll church service at 11am. It was so fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants. Kevin had to work Sunday, so it was me myself and I. {Sadly, momma does not function well before 9am so this spontaneous plan was promising!} I wore jeans. So did Pastor Todd. I heard a guitar solo that rocked the house. I knew the words to one of my favorite songs. Following the sermon, communion was self-administered during a come-as-you-are time and, oh yeah, while you were coming-as-you-are, you could visit one of the many paper shredders that were placed strategically around the alter. Lessons from the paper shredder. We were invited to write on a piece of paper something or someone that we needed to forgive, and let go of that sin. Shred it to smithereens. What a powerful symbol of God's total forgiveness. It's part of a series entitled Fall Down, Get Up, Walk On. You wouldn't believe how meaningful it was to hear the sound of all those papers being shredded. Enough said.

Okay, rambling is over. I'm just gonna sit back and contemplate my true feelings on men wearing scarves. (American Idol?!?) And hope for tickets to WICKED, which is coming to the Murat Theater soon.


Saleslady371 said...

Now this sounds like a fun weekend! Haven't heard of Wicked, but I'm a lover of plays and I hope you get to go. We love the excitement of live theatre in our family. Amy saw Sara Brightman in Phx last Dec.

I love my Naturalizer sandals. They have a bit of a heel to them, but so comfortable. I have a pair in brn and black and Carrie laughed when she saw me in them because she has a pair in brn. I'm surprised; she's 5'11!

Hope the sun shines brightly in Indianapolis this weekend and stays All Weekend!!!!

Love you!

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