Saturday, August 1, 2009

You Had Me At Hello

Remember that rag doll you or your sister used to carry around when you were a kid? I bet it was named O'Malley! Rhegan had a sleepover with us and she got to meet the newest member of our family (who just happens to be sitting directly in front of the computer screen and watching each and every single letter as it appears!). It was love at first sight! Rhegan knew she loved O'Malley the moment she set eyes on him! He hippity hopped in his cute little crooked fashion right to her and she scooped him up into her arms and never let him down (except to go to the bathroom and eat and get our nails done).

O'Malley Duty:
  • We slept on the couch so we could be near O'Malley (until Grandma carried us upstairs to our beds).
  • We made a "duty list" which included practicing our music, getting our nails done, McDonald's and loving O'Malley.
  • We had to come home after our nail salon visit and check on O'Malley.
  • We sang songs O'Malley liked, like "Rhegan Had a Little Lamb".
  • We gave O'Malley his medicine with an eye dropper and then fed him treats.
Love puts the fun in together. It was the bestest sleepover!

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