Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hubby Harley Goes To Surgery

This is my hubby on his Harley just 6 days after knee replacement surgery! And he is not just sitting pretty either ... Kevin zoomed off into the sunshine with his cane inside his saddlebag. I'm not sure if my sweet self is recovering from his surgery as well as he is!

We believe that you will never meet another set of faces on the planet that has been graced more than us! Throughout the time leading up to, during, and after surgery, a wonderful support system of family & friends showed us buckets of love. So many prayers, visits, calls, cards, emails, and help ... too numerous to count. Click here to see a little project that Nurse Kay put together for sharing with our church family this morning.

A little bit of rambling:
  • Dr. VanMeter prays with his patients before surgery, and we had to hold hands "or it won't take" he says!
  • Kevin tried to convince the young nurse to marry our son, but I think she's scared of being his daughter-in-law.
  • Although I was technically on vacation for 3 days, suffice it to say billable hands are happy hands.
  • I've been meaning to blog about attending the Women of Faith conference, it's on my radar. It was wonderful and overwhelming and full of grace.
  • 3-year old birthday girl Rosalie called me on the telephone and said clear as a bell "Thank You for the gift Aunt Kay!" Can anyone say precious? I loved it!
  • I'm a little bit tired, but don't plan to be 10 minutes from now.
  • There are more angels carrying me than I will ever understand.
  • Some of my friends in blogaroonie land will never know how much I appreciate them.
  • Football season is starting - YAY! The Hood is prepared for a little thing called Super Bowl. Go Blue!
  • Kevin's Sarah Palin glasses broke. So much for Alaska.
  • I broke out the pots & pans recently, and remembered how to use them!
  • Keaton, Math Teacher Extraordinaire', is back in full swing, only this year he's working on his Masters and tutoring kids on the side. The gift of youth!
  • Good friend Debbie P. sent a singing get-well-soon card that made us laugh.
  • Kevin is smokin' hot! I want to send a paper plane to my Harley Hubby and say "I Love You"!


Saleslady371 said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well and Kevin looks great. Sounds like he's healing fast. Must be your cooking???? That recliner is too cool! I'm so glad you liked the WOF Conference. I knew you would!

Love ya!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I just love reading your blog.. and so glad the surgery went well.