Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rhegan Goes to Kindergarten

It's a very l-o-n-g way down off that big bus step! I give her a 10 for landing with both feet on the ground, and because she is THE cutest dressed little girl in bus-land. (That's what happens when Grammy goes shoppy!) Hmm, what's missing on the cutest dressed little girl in bus-land? Well, I'd say it's her snazzy princess backpack which is conveniently sitting on Rhegan's front row bus seat! Hero Bro' Clayton saved the day!

First order of business after de-busing ... hug mommy! As it should be, my sweet child!

Next order of business, flop on the couch and demonstrate the effect of the first day of Kindergarten! I can relate girlfriend, only I don't look quite that cute when I flop on the couch after work.

Next order of business, time for a treat! Ice cream is a GOOD reason to come home after a hard day of kindergarten. So - to recap in the words of my talky talky granddaughter, the top 5 reasons to come home after school are as follows:
1. To see mommy
2. See grandma's new pictures
3. Eat ice cream
4. Change into play clothes
5. Finally .... to see talky talky gram gram
At least I made the list. Praise Dee Lord! It was, after all, my 29th birthday!

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