Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Man Cave

This is the new "Man Cave" in my living room, appropriately named in preparation for hubby's upcoming knee replacement. We shopped and we shopped (like we huffed and we puffed) and we blew the budget with this oversized, overstuffed, overpriced piece of fluff, more commonly known as a recliner. I call it a sleeping pill, but Kevin calls it Clifford, the Big Brown Chair. The shopping part was easy (funny, that's never been a problem for me) but the getting it in the house part was the real story!

First you must understand that I plan to ask the hospital to label his wristband "Mr. Stubborn" which might be worth more than a 20% tip. So when this massive piece of fluff arrived at the warehouse and Mr. Stubborn went to load it in his trailer, the nice people at the furniture store loaded it. Fast forward to when it was sitting in our driveway. Mr. Stubborn hobbled inside after a long day at work, and first sat down to eat a couple of chicken salad sandwiches, compliments of my famous cooking (and Sams Club). That's when the doorbell rang. Very good friends & neighbors Bear & Lynn had that huge recliner ON our porch and said "Furniture movers here! Where would you like it?" Thanks seems trite, but I offer it humbly.

Thus, the Man Cave! The Miracle of the Man Cave!

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