Thursday, August 6, 2009


  • I'm going to the Women of Faith conference tomorrow and Saturday and I'm just darn tootin' excited about it!
  • Favorite new smell: new car! You know that "cash for clunkers" program all over the news lately that is running out of $$? I got $4500 of it. Yay for Kay! Silver Mercury Mariner with black leather seats with the coolest white stitching! Bells and whistles galore. It almost drives itself. My scripture memory cards look good near by gearshift!
  • Jane recently told us that when she goes over to the main building for dinner, she stays a long time because all the ladies get to gassing. Yep, you read that right! Not sure what they eat (beans?) but I'd go gassing with my girlfriends too! Beano optional.
  • Kevin's knee hurts. Bad. Riding the Harley still makes it feel better though (!?!).
  • Sister Joyce is still in Greece & Turkey. I wonder if they have scrapbook stores there?
  • Dear sweet friend Debbie P. had a 29th b-day again. Dear sweet friend Eleanor will have a 29th b-day again in a few weeks. Dear sweet friend Karen will have a 29th b-day again next week. And dear sweet self will be 29 on the 12th! 29 rocks!
  • Our summer bible study ended tonight. Humble pie! With ice cream!
  • I'm drinking Diet Coke again - Sprite had it's day in the sun. And I've fallen for Margarita Jelly Beans - closest thing I've ever had to the real thing! Well - Diet Coke IS the real thing, now isn't it?!
  • Someday I'll figure out why I'm so blessed! Until then, I'll just remain astonished.

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Saleslady371 said...

You are blessed, but you bless others, too. Can't wait to hear about the WOF weekend! Do tell!

Love ya,