Saturday, October 13, 2007

Leave me a COMMENT and make me HAPPY

A few posts ago I wrote about Life Throwing Curve Balls and guess what? Brandt left a GREAT comment. He knew what I was thinking, but I didn't have the heart to write about it. He did. So I did. Did you? You didn't? Why not? Oh, you will? Okay. Thanks. Color me happy. (By the way, Google email accounts are FREE. FREE is good.)


Mom: Hey Keaton -- are you up?

Keaton: Yeah I'm up --I'm at Disney World.

Mom: Well, there's no noise! Are you the only person at Disney World?

Keaton: No mom, I'm really here.

Mom: Are you alone in Disney World? Who is with you?

Keaton: Erin.

Mom: I Luv Erin!

Keaton: She loves you Erin.

Mom: Have you read my blog? I want you to read my blog and leave me a comment. Brandt did and I want you to.

Keaton: Yes mom, I read your blog. I love your blog. I love your blog. (to Erin -- she wants us to love her blog -- here talk to her).

Erin: I read your blog!! Song #3 doesn't work. I would leave you a comment but you wouldn't know who I am!

Kay: I figured Keaton would think I'm COOL cuz I have my own playlist. Just say from Erin/Florida --as opposed to Erin/DC. That'll do it! I hope we see you at Thanksgiving!

Keaton: Hi Mom.

Kay: BIG NEWS! Andrea is having contractions!

Keaton: Andrea's having a baby?!?!?

Kay: You ARE kidding me, right?


Personally, I think he just wanted to go ride rides in Disney World with no people. Whatcha think?


Andrea: Hello, may I speak with the Grandma that Rocks?

Kay: This is SHE - I am her!

Andrea: Rhegan, it's the Grandma that Rocks! You can talk!

Rhegan: Hello?

Kay: Is this the Rhegan that Rocks?

Rhegan: (uncontrollable laughter) YOU rock! (to her mom) She says I'm the Rhegan that Rocks!

Kay: Should I come to your house today?

Rhegan: Yeah!

Kay: What should we do?

Rhegan: Clean my room!

Kay: Then I'll wear my cleaning shoes.

Rhegan: Mom!! Grwamma has cleaning shoes!! Do I have cleaning shoes?

Kay: What should we have for lunch? Have you ever had peanuts for lunch?

Rhegan: Yeah. Bye.

Personally, I think she is still looking through her closet for cleaning shoes. Whatcha think?


Keaton Squires said...

I'm leaving a comment in order to appease the mother, but also to proclaim to the world how cool, hip, fresh, dynamite, and groovy my mom's blog site is. I didn't even know you could leave comment before, but I've been looking at it frequently. Mom, the songs on your playlist have grown on me, the pictures of everyone are fan-freakin'-tastic, and it's an honor to say this was a creation of my mother's. I've showed quite a few of my friends your site and they all think you're neato; actually, girls think it's cute and boys think it's hilariously unique that my mom blogs. Either way, we're all getting a kick out of your blog here in Florida. And for the record, I knew Andrea was pregnant, I was completely joking. Mom forgot to display that information.

Kay said...

Gush Gush Gush ... thanks Keaton! (See what a mom gets with a mini-guilt trip on her kid? Love that!) I had SO much fun talking with you & Erin yesterday. I LUV blogging and I LUV the tunes on my playlist. They are the kind of songs that get stuck in your head and you find yourself humming throughout the day! Thanks for leaving me a COMMENT and making me HAPPY! (Hey - did you know that Andrea is gonna have a baby?!? ha ha ha ha)

Erin Francia said...

Hi!! This is Keaton's friend Erin. First of all let me say that I feel pretty special being mentioned on your very cool, hip, and groovy blog
I like the new songs you've added but my favorite is still The Way I Am and then Fly Me to the Moon is my next favorite. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Congrats to Andrea!(whoever you are)
I enjoyed our little conversation the other day while I was at Disney World with Keaton,(he's my favorite person to go to Disney with by the way). And I hope I get to fly out of Atlanta so I can meet you and Kevin.
Well I hope you have a lovely day!

Kay said...

Hey Keaton's friend Erin! I had a ball of fun talking with you on the phone too. In fact, I LOL'd about that fun phone conversation for the next 2 days. I agree --Keaton would be my favorite person to hang with at Disney. BTW, Andrea is Keaton's sister - and she is going to bring our 3rd grandchild into this world on 10/24 and well, that's pretty cool! Check out her belly bump picture on the blog and you can vote for a girl or boy (hint - vote PINK! ha) Someday, we will send all the grandkids to Disney with Keaton! He'll LUV that. Well, it's a date --- C U in Atlanta?!