Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome Home To Me

Home Sweet Home. Nuff said.

Keaton's Move. All done. Furniture is in place, food in the pantry, power is on, cable TV is a go, and bug spray under the kitchen sink! Now Florida Boy will go about making his own Home Sweet Home! Those who say You Can't Take it With You, never saw our packed car and trailer.

Mid-Week Prayer Service. The last family thing we did together with Florida Boy was attend Wednesday night church service at his new church/school. {Us, and about 1000 people.} What a neat church! Keaton will make many new friends. It makes this mom and dad feel good about leaving their son 1000 miles away.

New Trailer. Bought and paid for while on our trip, after the old one gave us an extra day on the road while Kevin fixed the wheel bearings in 100 degrees. I thought it was on fire and called 911. {Yes, I do realize that might sound a bit excessive. Yes, I do realize that I called 911 another time when my Christmas turkey caught fire in my oven. We're working on that...}

Beach Time. We enjoyed a few fabulous days in Saint Augustine after we left Keaton. Saw the Fountain of Youth -- it's my new mojo, I'm feeling younger now. One night, we climbed up on a lifeguard chair on the beach and listened to the magnificent ocean waves. Ahh, peace.

Vacation was good. I have a new attitude now. It might even last an entire week! But wait - laughter is an instant vacation!

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today's world it has become a necessity. ~Author Unknown


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