Friday, August 29, 2008

This and That

Okay - Another pic of Brandt who is not, I repeat NOT wearing a sheep. I am informed it is a Patagonia fleece, being the fashion plate that he is! Beautiful county, is it not? Beautiful son, is he not?

Okay - so Brandt tells me that the Democratic National Convention was more than meets the eye. The part that you don't see on TV -- the protesters -- who dress up like a toilet and carry signs that say "Stop Flushing the County!" I guess that's why we call this great country the land of the free.

Okay - so now it's on to the Republicans and the McCain/Palin show. His Veep choice was a stunner, no? The woman eats Mooseburgers, for heaven's sake! Now THAT shows that she can really sink her teeth into the job! I'm anxious to learn more about her.

Okay - so we are headed to the annual Beaver/Yancey reunion tomorrow with a couple of car loads. Talky talky Rhegan will be riding with us. {do ya think it's a good thing I have a new IPod? - HA} Oh, this Grandma can't wait!

Okay - so I made two really fun cards tonight, but Mr. Husband has conveniently put the camera in a safe place. I'll get it on the other blog as soon as I can -- promise!

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.

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